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More Off-Handed Brilliance From Stephen Curry With An Around-The-Back Lefty Layup

Stephen Curry shut down Tony Parker and led the Warriors to an easy win over the Spurs while displaying multiple left-handed skills.


Report: Multiple Front Office Execs Believe Ray Allen Won’t Play This Season

Amid so much speculation of where Ray Allen would sign upon returning to the NBA, few asked themselves the most important question concerning that seeming inevitability: if the future Hall-of-Famer wanted to play again at all. And as the regular season reaches its stretch run and spring nears, it appears increasingly likely that we may have seen the last of the league's all-time leader in three-point field goals.


Who Dunked It Better Last Night: Tim Duncan or DeAndre Jordan?

Tim Duncan scored a game-high 30 including a jam on DeAndre Jordan. But DJ's team won and he posterized Marco Bellinelli. Which was better?


Watch Tim Duncan Step Behind Arc And Casually Swish Corner 3-Pointer

The skilled big man in today's game inevitably develops a three-point shot at some point in his career, or at least makes a concerted attempt to do so – such is the historic premium on space and expected efficiency of jumpers. But Tim Duncan entered the league 15 years too soon to be coaxed into expanding his range.


What Trade Rumors? Jamal Crawford Drops 26 Points — And Patty Mills — In Win Over Spurs

Jamal Crawford ignored the trade rumors and toasted the Spurs for 26 points last night. He even got a marriage proposal from Patty Mills.

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Injured Kobe Bryant Hopes For ‘Same Rebirth’ As San Antonio Spurs


Don't worry, Los Angeles Lakers fans. Not only will Kobe Bryant play in 2015-2016 despite undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery last month, but he also has hopes of leading the purple-and-gold to heights they haven't reached in years.


Amar’e Stoudemire Could Be In Another Uniform On Thursday After Knicks Buyout


Amar'e Stoudemire finally agreed on a buyout with the Knicks before today's All-Star game. The Mavs, Clippers and Suns are interested.


Tim Duncan On Fashion: ‘I Don’t Do Style. I Just Show Up For Games’

New York City is currently every young professional athlete's paradise. Not only has All-Star Weekend descended on the Big Apple, but the NBA's main event happens to be coinciding with Fashion Week. That sound you just heard was Russell Westbrook letting out a primal yell of excitement. But not every All-Star shares the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar's zeal for printed tops, fitted bottoms, and lensless eyewear. But that often doesn't prevent Tim Duncan's off-court attire from being any less hideous, and his approach to clothing in general explains exactly why.


Gregg Popovich Thinks Tim Duncan Will Play In 2015-2016

This season might not be the last that Tim Duncan's All-Star selection is met with such scrutiny.

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President Barack Obama Once Believed Tony Parker Was Better Than Chris Paul

The ultimate goal of every NBA player should be to win as many championships as possible, but that hardly means one is superior to another because he's won more titles.


George Gervin On Klay Thompson: “I Don’t Feel He Broke My Record”


The league's official ledger reads that Klay Thompson broke George Gervin's mark for most points scored in a quarter during his mind-bending 37-point barrage last week.


Video: Derrick Rose Shimmies & Shakes On Reverse Layup

The same night it became apparent Derrick Rose isn't back to the All-Star level according to the fans, he went off momentarily when the Bulls beat down the Spurs on TNT.

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Kawhi Leonard Likely To Play Versus Blazers

It speaks volumes of the San Antonio Spurs' overall quality that they've been able to stay afloat in the Western Conference despite a deluge of injuries over the season's first half.


Video: Kawhi’s Stone Face After Prez Obama Cracks Bonner Blogging Joke

Yesterday the Spurs visited the White House to accept congratulations from President Barack Obama after winning the 2014 NBA Finals — the most lopsided win in NBA Finals history.


Watch This Tongue-In-Cheek Animated Short: “Spurs Special Forces”

We'd always assumed the San Antonio Spurs were really a rag-tag band of elite Special Forces.

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