Two Major Pot Busts Went Down This Week, Including A Secret Underground Farm In Brooklyn

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The other was a record-breaking bust near San Diego, where authorities confiscated 15 tons of pot worth $19 million.


According To KSWB Fox 5 In San Diego, President Obama Is A Rape Suspect

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Someone in the graphics department at KSWB Fox 5 made a really big mistake.


A Pregnant Woman Begging For Money In San Diego Was Seen Driving Off In A Mercedes-Benz

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Something is definitely not right with this story of a pregnant woman begging for money with her son outside of a shopping center.

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Drew Barrymore’s Half Sister Found Dead Of Possible OD

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Drew Barrymore's half sister Jessica was found dead of a possible overdose.


Peep This Sweet ‘Ant-Man’ Poster Made Exclusively For Comic-Con

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Edgar Wright may not be directing 'Ant-Man' anymore, but on the plus side, there's this poster.

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Here’s Your Guide To Comic-Con 2014 Movie Panels That Matter


These Comic-Con movie panels will be the talk of the geek world when the 4-day event is over.

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Here’s Your Guide To The Comic-Con 2014 TV Panels That Matter

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A guide to the biggest television-related panels at Comic-Con 2014.

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Lifehacks: How To Make The Most Of Comic-Con

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As previously implied, here's how to make the most of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

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Pimps In San Diego Make More In One Month Than Most Of Us Tricks Do In A Year

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Pimps makes more in a month than most of us do in a year. I really got into the wrong field.


A Kindergartner’s Letter To Santa Took A Wrong Turn And Ended Up A Great Story

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A kindergarten student's letter to Santa somehow landed in a San Diego man's hands and he fulfilled the girl's toy wish because of a strange coincidence.


Yelpers Go To Town On Pizzeria After 4Chan Posts Photo Of Someone Allegedly Masturbating In The Kitchen

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The owner of Jersey Joe's Pizzeria in San Diego claims an ex-employee is behind some images on 4Chan that show someone masturbating in his kitchen.


Here’s The Worst Hooters Robbery In History

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If there’s one thing that I have little tolerance for, it’s crime.

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This San Diego Airport Time Lapse Video Is Pretty Great

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This video from the San Diego airport is only :25 seconds long, but as a sucker for just about any time lapse video, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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San Diego's Massive Fireworks Show Went KABOOM All At Once Last Night

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San Diego puts on one of the biggest fireworks shows each 4th of July. Last night the entire collection of pyrotechnics detonated at once.


Bring On The Best Of The 2012 San Diego Surf Dog Competition!

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We’ve reached the point that my most highly anticipated events of the year include the Super Bowl, World Series, Masters, any Channing Tatum movie, new 30 Rock episodes, and now, probably above all else, the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog competition.

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Quantum Leap To Get The Movie No One Expected


Hey, remember that Quantum Leap movie you’ve been clamoring for since the show went off the air in 1993.


The Best Counterprotest Signs at Comic Con

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The assgiraffes at the Westboro Baptist Church decided to Church members had intended to hold their protest for an hour, but in the face of 150 to 200 counter-protesting, costumed fans carrying signs that read everything from "Odin is God" to "God loves Gay Robin," they gave up early.


God Hates Nerds, As If You Needed Proof

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If you've never heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, they're the A-Holes that go around to soldier's funerals with signs that say "God Hates Fags.

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E Online is reporting that Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock will be teaming up to document a group of "superfans" headed to Comic-Con.

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