Randy Orton Is Still Being A Dick About The World Series

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On Raw, Randy Orton said the Kansas City Royals have no chance of winning the World Series. After Game 1, he's reminding us about it.


Royals Vs. Giants: Who Will Win The World Series?

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We Guarantee Our World Series Prediction Will Be Correct.


Lorde’s Hit Song ‘Royals’ Has Been Banned In San Francisco Until After The World Series

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At least one San Francisco radio station has vowed not to play Lorde's mega hit "Royals" during the San Francisco-Kansas City World Series.

steve perry

Journey’s Steve Perry Made A Rare Appearance At The Giants Game And Sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin’

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Steve Perry signing "Don't Stop Believin" at the Giants game is a must-watch for any Journey fan.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Pumped Up The San Francisco Giants Crowd For Game 3 Of The NLDS

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The Giants energized their fans for a potential sweep by having WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan lead them in a YES! chant.


These Giants Fans Put Their Wedding On Hold Until The Conclusion Of Game 2

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These two didn't consummate their wedding until Game 2 of the NLDS was over. Game 2 was the longest playoff game ever. Hope he had Viagra.


Watch Madison Bumgarner Channel Stone Cold Steve Austin And Slam Four Beers

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Madison Bumgarner slamming 4 beers? Madison Bumgarner slamming 4 beers. So much 'Merica.


Hunter Pence Brought Back The Yes Movement To Rally Giants Fans

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Hunter Pence rallied San Francisco Giants fans for the MLB postseason by bringing back Daniel Bryan's YES Movement. We miss you, D-Bry.

#Robin Williams

The San Francisco Giants Released A Heartwarming Statement About Robin Williams

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The San Francisco Giants offered up some kind words on the death of one of their biggest fans, Robin Williams.


The ‘Yes Movement’ Has Come To San Francisco Giants Home Run Celebrations

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Hunter Pence is the latest athlete to adopt the Yes Movement, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan's signature "yes" taunt.


Batkid Threw Out The First Pitch For The San Francisco Giants’ Opening Day

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Miles Scott, AKA Batkid, received a roaring ovation at AT&T Park, as he threw out the first pitch in full costume for the Giants.


Google Glass At A Baseball Game Is Cool, Might Create A Nation Of Brain-dead ADD Monsters

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Google Glass at a baseball game gives you up-to-the-second reports on who's doing what, how many times and why, because I guess you need that now.


Grandma Makes Great Catch


An elderly woman at a San Francisco Giants game makes a great play on a foul ball into the second deck.


With Leather’s Watch This: Baseball Fans Still Don’t Know ‘Trader’ From ‘Traitor’

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One of the little nuggets of worthlessness that was dropped around the Major League Baseball trade deadline was that the Los Angeles Dodgers, in a mostly risk-free/high-reward move to bolster the bullpen, <a href="http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgersnow/la-sp-dn-brian-wilson-signs-dodgers-20130730,0,5219875.story" target="_blank">signed former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson</a>.


Hell Hath No Fury Like A Child Whose Dad Missed A Foul Ball

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Back in July of 2011, Burnsy answered the question, <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/07/the-great-foul-ball-debate-how-do-you-declare-the-real-villain#page/1" target="_blank">"How do you declare the villain in a foul ball dispute?"</a> The examination covered a lot of variables -- children throwing tantrums, grown men stealing foul balls from teenage girls, kids trying to get a soccer ball up over a fence and having it stolen from them at the last second by a randomly-occurring jerk -- but it never mentioned the touchiest of foul ball subjects: the dad who tries, but fails.


The McCovey Cove Hot Dog Kayak Is The Most American Thing Ever

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The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are one of the hottest teams in all of baseball today, as they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3 yesterday to complete a three-game sweep of their rivals and reclaim a one-game lead over the Colorado Rockies in the National League West.

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