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Wrestling Game Vs. Wrestling Reality: ECW Hardcore Revolution

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In late 99/early 2000 both ECW and video game developer Acclaim were on the decline, but one company's product would stand the test of time.


A Very Unscientific Ranking Of The Future DC Comics Films Based On The Source Material

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If you want to understand the future offerings in the DC Comics Movie Universe, look no further than the source material.


The ‘Justice League’ Movie Might Be Coming To Us Earlier Than Expected

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Nikki Finke's first big scoop after returning from the Hollywood insider void might be a big spoiler for DC's Comic-Con announcements.


A Compendium Of Cool Comics Cosplay: January 10th


Once again it's time for our Friday comics cosplay feature, casting the spotlight on the best comics related costumery from the cosplay community.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Announces He’s Producing ‘Sandman’, May Be Doing More

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about his role in bringing Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' to the screen with David Goyer and Warner.


‘Sandman’ Movie In Early Talks With Joseph Gordon-Levitt And David Goyer Involved

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David Goyer pitched a movie based on Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' to Warner Brothers, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved.


Long Live Vertigo: DC’s Mature Readers Imprint Revives With Eight New Series in 2013

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The death of DC's Vertigo imprint has, thankfully, been largely exaggerated...


DC Is Relaunching Vertigo With New ‘Sandman’ From Neil Gaiman

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DC Comics is relaunching Vertigo this year with six new series for adults, the first one being Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman: Overture'.


The Best Of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Extremely 1990s Promo Photos

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So far, we've shared with you <a href="" target="_blank">a golden treasury of cheesy late-80s/early-90s WWF promo photos</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">a two-part retrospective</a> of <a href="" target="_blank">WCW's worst possible 8x10s</a>.


Wait, Silicon Knights Was Working On A Sandman Game?!


So, the 'Eternal Darkness' studio may have been developing a Sandman game. And now we'll likely never see it.


Check Out This Cool ‘Sandman’ Concept Art For The Movie Warner Didn't Make


In 2005, Neil Gaiman pitched a 'Sandman' movie to Warner using Jill Thompson's concept art. Now that art can be viewed and purchased.

comic con

Neil Gaiman Is Writing A New 'Sandman' Series. Be Still My Heart.

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For the 25th anniversary of 'Sandman', Neil Gaiman and artist J. H. Williams III are making a new prequel miniseries. We react via gifs.


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: March 23rd


It's time once again for our Friday comic book cosplay feature, casting the spotlight on the best comics related costumery from the cosplay community.


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: January 6th


It's time once more for our Friday comic book cosplay feature, spotlighting the best superhero (and villain) related costuming from the cosplay community.

Black Cat

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: Spider-man and Friends (Week 1)


It's time once again for Gamma Squad's Friday cosplay feature, spotlighting the best comic book related costuming from the cosplay community.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


It's that time of the week where we post a mixed bag of intriguing costumes we spotted recently.

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Sandman TV Series Happening? Maybe?


First, it looks like <a href="">we might actually get a Preacher movie,</a> what other hugely popular comic from the '90s can get an adaptation well after the fandom has moved on to other things.


Sandman TV Series Is Still Awake


About six months ago we season after all but he hoped things would work out in the future.


‘Sandman’ TV Series Not Happening

By | 6 Comments

<a href="" target="_self">Back in September</a>, "Supernatural" creator Eric "Officer" Kripke was the top choice to make a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman comic.


More Comic Books Coming to TV

By | 8 Comments

There are a couple of popular comics making news in the world of television right now.

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