This 7-Year Old Secretly Filmed Santa In The Act On Christmas, With A Little Help From A Crafty Uncle


7- year old Evan set up his older brother's GoPro camera in the living room and recorded "Santa Claus" as he delivered gifts on Christmas Eve.


Santa Stops The Grinch From Stealing Christmas With A Belly-To-Belly Suplex

By | 4 Comments

Santa Claus takes on the Grinch with all of Christmas at stake. WHO WINS THIS EPIC CLASH?


Aaron Rodgers Did His Best Santa Claus Impressions With A Bunch Of TVs

By | 2 Comments

The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers bought gifts for his offensive linemen. What about the rest of the team, ya jerk?


A Very Holly And Jolly Ranking Of The Best Movie Versions Of Santa Claus

By | 14 Comments

Which movie version of Santa Claus is the greatest of all? We used a little bit of science and Christmas spirit to decide.


Little Girl Adorably Tells Santa ‘F*ck You’ Because Christmas Is Wonderful

By | 6 Comments

'Tis the season for learning new things, like how to tell the big man in the chimney how you really feel.


Mick Foley’s Going Through Drive-Thrus As Santa And Handing Out Gifts Because He’s Awesome

By | 6 Comments

Watch this clip of Mick Foley ... er, Santa Claus ... handing out $100 tips in a Whataburger drive-thru.

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Watch The Rock Sing Christmas Karaoke In A Spectacular Holiday Onesie

By | 16 Comments

Dwayne The Rock Johnson stopped by 'Kelly And Michael' to sing karaoke, spread a little Christmas cheer, and wear ugly pajamas.


Everything You Need To Know About Krampus, Santa’s Evil Sidekick

By | 3 Comments

Krampus is the evil sidekick of St. Nicholas who beats children and throws them in a sack so he can punish them back at his fiery lair.

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Can You Guess Whether These Screaming Children Are Terrified Of A Flu Shot Or Santa’s Lap?


Jimmy Kimmel asks his audience to identify the source of terror in the faces of these screaming children.


This Conniving Mother Got Revenge On Her Misbehaving Kids With A Fake Letter From Santa

By | 8 Comments

This mother is not screwing around in her quest to get two weeks of peace and quiet before the holidays arrive.


Mick Foley Stopped By ‘The Daily Show’ To Talk Fruitcake Competitions And Appreciating Santa

By | 8 Comments

Mick Foley returned to The Daily Show to talk fruitcake eating competitions, his Santa documentary and appreciating the men in the red suit.


Here’s Why Mick Foley Turned Down The Chance To Be Zooey Deschanel’s Santa Claus

By | 10 Comments

The hardcore legend's one-man show is heading to TV, but why did he turn down a role on one of his favorite comedies?

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Zach Galifianakis And Jimmy Fallon Run Through Every Excuse In The Book For Not Hanging Out


We all make excuses to get out of hanging with friends, but these take the cake.


Watch A Soldier Dressed As Santa Bring His Mother To Tears With A Surprise Christmas Eve Homecoming


A maternity ward nurse working on Christmas Eve receives the best present ever.


Bill O’Reilly: Megyn Kelly Was Right About Santa Claus Being White

By | 34 Comments

Well you didn't think Bill O'Reilly was just gonna sit back and let Megyn Kelly soak up all the War on Christmas controversy for herself, did you?


Things Santa Claus Does That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them


Most of Santa's actions would definitely land you on the naughty list.


Scientifically Accurate Santa Claus


If Santa's Christmas Eve journey followed the laws of physics, it would create a global catastrophe.

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