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Sarah Michelle Gellar Doesn’t Put Her Penis In This Celebrity Sex Doll

By | 10 Comments

Our little Buffy has grown up...and she owns a celebrity sex doll?

Sure, Sarah Michelle Gellar Would Be Up For A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Movie, Why Not?

By | 16 Comments

Sarah Michelle Gellar's feeling on doing a "Buffy" movie: eh, why not?


The 10 Most Useful Sarah Michelle Gellar GIFs

By | 4 Comments

A collection of the most kick ass, useful GIFs in honor of birthday girl Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Pilot Watch: Kyle Chandler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, And Krysten Ritter Land New TV Gigs

By | 11 Comments

Which of the three's pilots will most likely get a series order? There's a reason Kyle Chandler has waited so long.


Buffy Takes A Swing At A Housewife Comedy (And The Morning Links)

By | 3 Comments

Sarah Michelle Gellar takes another crack at a comedy, plus highlights from around the web.


Sports On TV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

By | 129 Comments

This week on Sports On TV, we tackle the horror/comedy/drama/everything else of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer,' the 1997-2003 hit that catapulted Avengers director Joss Whedon into public consciousness, gave Sarah Michelle Gellar seven more years of television success and adapted a semi-forgotten Kristy Swanson movie into a layered, sometimes absurd and always worth-talking-about cult classic.


Important: 10 Television Stars You’ll Probably Never See Naked

By | 42 Comments

No-nudity clauses have long been a big deal in the film world, but now that nudity restrictions are more lax in the TV world -- both on premium cable, basic cable, and even network television -- actors who want to remain clothed now find it increasingly necessary to sign detailed no-nudity clauses, so says <a href="">The NY Post</a>.


What’s on Tonight: Not Buffy!

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Ringer (CW) -- Series premiere.


Three Different Kinds of Awful

By | 10 Comments

Last week I posted <a href="">brief synopses of the four new shows</a> that the CW is adding to its schedule next year, and while I thought they sounded terrible, I didn't realize they'd be THIS awful.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Danny Trejo and Friends Slay Zombies In New Call of Duty: Call of the Dead

By | 4 Comments

Look, I have no idea which executives were around for the latest Call of Duty zombie mode discussion, but whoever they were, I'd like to personally tongue kiss each and every one of them.


Joss Whedon Ain’t Happy About Buffy

By | 24 Comments

Warner Brothers recently announced that it will reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the big screen, and that could possibly be cool if they did it right and I’m not going to waste anyone’s time – they’re not going to do it right.



By | 31 Comments

Check out the new trailer for Possession, a remake of the South Korean horror film Addicted, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (why does she need three names.



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<a href="" target="_blank">This clip </a>from Richard Kelly's (Domino, Donnie Darko) upcoming Southland Tales, features The Rock, Seann William Scott (Stifler), Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Will Sasso, who played the retard in Drop Dead Gorgeous (probably the best portrayal of a movie retard of all time).

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