american sniper

American Sniper Chris Kyle Gave An Insightful And Funny Interview To Conan Exactly A Year Before He Died

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Forget everything else you've heard and just watch the man himself give a pretty terrific interview on Conan.


Sarah Palin Finally Responds To Critics Of Those Photos Of Her Son Stepping On Her Dog

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The former Alaskan governor is actually quite spot on for a few moments, but then it all goes to hell in a dog treat basket.


Sarah Palin Pissed Everyone Off With These Photos Of Her Son Stepping On Their Dog

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Somehow it must have occurred to Sarah Palin that this wasn't a good idea. Oh wait, we forgot who we were talking about here.

Gallup Polls

Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Top Gallup’s Mostly Celebrity-Free List Of The Most Admired People

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Gallup's list of the most admired people has a lot of names that you would expect, but barely any celebrities and movie stars.


‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’ Is Returning To TV And She’s Bringing Ted Nugent With Her

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The second season of Sarah Palin's reality series "Amazing America with Sarah Palin" will premiere on the Sportsman Channel on January 15th.


Lisa Ann On Her Relationship With Notre Dame Football Player Justin Brent: It’s A ‘MILF Revolution’

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Lisa Ann wants you to know that she can do what she wants and she'll bang anyone she wants, including Justin Brent.

Palin family brawl

New Palin Family Brawl Audio Suggests Track Palin Wants It Known That He’s A Totally-Not-Gay Badass

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In new audio released by the Anchorage Police Department, a very drunk Track Palin described how his family's 'brawl' went down.


A Freshman Notre Dame Football Player Might Be Dating Porn Star Lisa Ann From ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’

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If this woman looks familiar to you, congratulations, you probably watch a lot of porn.


Wild Details Have Emerged From The Palin Family Brawl, Including Audio From The Anchorage Police

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We now have audio from Anchorage detailing the Thrilla in Wasilla involving the Palin family.


While You Were Worrying About Her Face: Renée Zellweger Is Starring In A Faith-Based Film From The Author Of ‘Heaven Is For Real’

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'Same Kind of Different As Me' comes from the co-writer of 'Heaven Is For Real' and Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue.'


The New Details Of That Palin Family Brawl Involve A Lot More Booze And Violence

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The details in the police report from the huge fight involving Sarah Palin's family reveal that everyone was pretty much wasted.


Sarah Palin And Family Were Allegedly Involved In A Massive, Bloody Brawl At A Party

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In a brawl described as like an episode of "Jerry Springer," Sarah Palin allegedly asked, "do you know who I am?"


See If You Can Pinpoint The Exact Moment That Sarah Palin’s Brain Stops Working In This Clip

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Sarah Palin has her own subscription based channel and she's currently using it to respond to Elizabeth Warren's commandments, poorly.

things we did not need

Sarah Palin Launches Online TV News Channel Where You Can Watch Her Make Salad, Talk Politics

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Because the world was lacking in outlets for Sarah Palin's unfiltered opinions, here's the Sarah Palin Channel!

#jimmy fallon

Sarah Palin Took A Break From Her Reality Show To Play Pretend Politician On 'The Tonight Show'

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Sarah Palin stopped by The Tonight Show to talk some sense into Vladimir Putin (Jimmy Fallon).


The Theme Song To Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show Is An Irony-Free Version Of ‘America: F*ck Yeah’

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Well you just knew that the theme song to Sarah Plain's new reality show would be ridiculous. Here it is, in all its ridiculousness.


Sarah Palin's New Reality TV Show — 'Amazing America' — Is Predictably Beyond Parody

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Uber-patriotic hero/host, Sarah Palin, with an electronic American flag draped around her: "Get red, wild and blue, America."


Sarah Palin Paid Tribute To Martin Luther King By Slamming President Obama On Her Facebook Page

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Sarah Palin never manages to disappoint. You know what to expect and there she appears, spreading her brand of wisdom.

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