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Sarah Silverman And Jimmy Kimmel Paid Tribute To Joan Rivers In The Most Appropriate Way

By | 11 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman remembered Joan Rivers by making fun of each other.


Sarah Silverman’s Emmys Press Conference Was Better Than Any Acceptance Speech

By | 17 Comments

Sarah Silverman should be invited to and/or host every awards show.


The Christian Post Is Pretty Upset About Today’s Filthy Comedians

By | 92 Comments

The Christian Post wants America to repent before we're seduced by Louis CK's AIDs mocking and Lena Dunham's frumpy urine talk.


Sarah Silverman Looks Into How She Became The Textbook Example Of “Offensive” In Schools Everywhere

By | 9 Comments

Sarah Silverman has gained a reputation over the years and now it's landing her in classrooms across the nation.


We Get It, Jason Sudeikis, You’re The Luckiest NBA Fan In The Entire World


Jason Sudeikis sat courtside for both the Lakers and Clippers this week, because it's not enough that he's marrying Olivia Wilde.

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Watch Matt Damon And The ‘Monuments Men’ Cast Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

By | 18 Comments

Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and some A-list friends get the Mean Tweets treatment.


Sarah Silverman Explains the Difference Between Divas and C-nts

By | 4 Comments

From the consistently satisfying Jash network comes Sarah Silverman's ode to the difference between divas and c*nts.


Sarah Silverman Explains The Differences Between Divas And C*nts Through Song

By | 3 Comments

It's probably best not to walk around town singing the chorus to this song.


Watch Sarah Silverman’s Very Funny, Very Topless Failed NBC Pilot

By | 22 Comments

Sarah Silverman uploaded her pilot that NBC said no to online.


Sarah Silverman To Star In A HBO Series Produced By Lorne Michaels

By | 10 Comments

Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace will play siblings in HBO's "People in New Jersey."


A Pornhub Survey Has Determined The 18 Hottest Jewish Female Celebrities

By | 15 Comments

More than 3,900 Pornhub viewers voted to name the "Hottest Jewish Celebrity Babe" and the results won't shock you at all.


Sarah Silverman’s Touching Obituary For Her Dog Might Make You Cry A Little Bit

By | 67 Comments

Comedian Sarah Silverman's dog passed away recently, and she wrote a very touching, heartfelt tribute to him.

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