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Sasha Grey Is Now The Victim Of An Online Hoax Claiming She Has Been Murdered In Ukraine

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Sasha Grey is at the center of another viral trend connected to the conflict in Ukraine, this time involving her grisly death.


Before ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy,’ James Gunn Made ‘Porn’ With Sasha Grey

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"Guardians of the Galaxy" was fantastic, but it's not as great as James Gunn's "PG Porn."

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Steven Soderbergh Is Turning His High-End Prostitute Movie Into A High-End Prostitute TV Series

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Steven Soderbergh is going to turn his experimental film into a 13-episode anthology series.


Porn Star Sasha Grey Did Not Appear In The 'True Detective' Opening Credits, She's Just A Lying Liar

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Sasha Grey claims she appears in the 'True Detective' opening credits. Here's the evidence that it's not true.


Can You Name The Super-Famous Porn Star Who Secretly Appeared In The 'True Detective' Opening Credits?

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During the much-analyzed opening credits for True Detective, a mysterious, dark-haired topless woman appears on screen for all of three seconds. Who is she?

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James Deen Says Sasha Grey Has A Bad Reputation In The Porn Industry

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Judging by the current scores on Rotten Tomatoes (22% critics, 24% audience), The Canyons isn’t exactly the most popular film right now.


‘The Spit & the Speculum’ among AVN’s ‘Clever Title’ Nominees

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The winner of last year's AVN Award for "Clever Title" was "Beggin for a Peggin," a romantic tale of ladies taking their male co-stars from behind with strap-ons.

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The Music And Porn Industries Are Basically The Same Thing, Says Sasha Grey

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In an interview with the Guardian, famed former-porn star, turned musician Sasha Grey admits that her two industries aren't that dissimilar.

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15 Porn Stars Who Have Appeared on TV Shows

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Here’s a little bit of inside baseball for you: one of Warming Glow’s most consistently popular posts, outside of the jacked dude who's terrified of puppies, is Matt’s horny musings on “Game of Thrones” actress Sibel Kekilli (Shae) and her German porn star past.

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Leave Sasha Grey Alone!

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A few days ago photos surfaced of former adult film actress Sasha Grey reading to a classroom full of kids in a California school, causing approximately half of the internet to lose its f*cking mind.

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Eminem And Sasha Grey Finally Hook Up In ‘Space Bound’ Video

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When photos were leaked of Eminem and Sasha Grey on the set of the set of the filming of the video for "Space Bound," a few tongues were wagging, because, why not -- and besides, that's why you cast a sex film goddess, in mainstream stuff, right.


Eminem Loses His Religion Over Sasha Grey In The “Space Bound” Video

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Marshall was on site when Sasha Grey put the voodoo on Vincent Chase, but he figured he could fare much better with seductive temptress of rebellious pop culture.


Richard Phillips’ Beautiful Film Portrait Of Sasha Grey, ‘Performance Artist’

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I've been a mild fan of Richard Phillips' work for a minute or two.

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First Look: Sasha Grey’s “NEÜ SEX” Book

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When Sasha Grey "retired" from porn, she bid everyone adieu but promised to return in print with NEÜ SEX.


Sasha Grey will take your questions now

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Last week, I wrote about how the web, Twitter and Tumblr specifically, provides insight into the lives and minds of some of modern pop culture's more elusive subjects of fascination: porn stars.


Sasha Grey retires from porn in order to squint full-time

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Sasha Grey, arguably the most famous porn star in the world, who as an 18-year-old famously ordered co-star Rocco Siffredi to punch her in the stomach during a sex scene, and later went on to mainstream fame in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience and Entourage, has announced her retirement from porn.


Happy Endings: Sasha Grey “Retires” From Porn

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A few years back, I saw a shocking documentary on the porn industry.

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