“We weren’t ready to die”

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The second half was just for sh*ts and giggles.


3 Keys To A Game 6 Lakers Victory

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In Game 5, Kobe's historical third quarter just wasn't enough to beat the Celticss.


“Big Shot Fish” blasts Celtics in Game 3

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The thing about Robert Horry that a lot of people didn't appreciate: He wasn't just knocking down one huge shot here or there at random intervals, he could take over an entire fourth quarter of a game by hitting multiple huge shots.

#Chris Paul

The Championship Rounds

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The NBA is off until Thursday, when Round 12 of Lakers vs.


“He Makes Incredible Normal”

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All the back-and-forth strategy, zone defenses, and random heroic role players didn't seem to matter when it was all said and done.


Say Queensbridge

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Except for a couple of dudes in Detroit, is there anybody who doesn't love Ron Artest? In a Lakers/Suns tiebreaker Game 5 that was headed for one of two finishes -- Kobe Bryant being the hero or Steve Nash being the hero -- Ron stole the show and the after-party.


Best (and Worst) NBA nicknames according to Dime readers

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Last week we asked the Dime faithful for your favorite and least-favorite NBA nicknames. Reader Chaos best summed up ours and everyone else's general feeling: "We need to start giving players real nicknames man.


’96 Bulls Vs. ’09 Lakers: Who Would Win?

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Arguably, the '96 Chicago Bulls are the greatest team of all-time.


Perfect Timing

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Almost like it was scripted by our friends at Nike, just as the Kobe and LeBron "MVPuppet" ads begin to resurface, the brand's two showcase guys are on hot streaks and look like they could be headed for an NBA Finals matchup.


Andrew Bynum Talks About The Lakers Repeating, His All-Star Quest And The Paparazzi

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Andrew Bynum's game has come so far since he entered the league out of high school in 2005.


Monta throws Curry under the bus; Manu promises less flopping

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Yesterday must have been unofficial Sh*t-Talking Day around the NBA.


NBA training camps get started; all eyes on Bosh and Luol Deng

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Now that NBA training camps are underway, some guys will have to get used to having all eyes on them -- or more specifically, all eyes on their knees, shoulders, ankles, etc.

Yi Jianlian

Top 10 Guys That Need To Break Out This Season

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Unlike a tenured professor, once you make it to the NBA, it doesn't automatically mean you get to stay there.


More on Michael Beasley, while Dirk Nowitzki has his own drama

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When a young phenom stumbles, or goes all the way and completely falls from grace, the race is on amongst guys like us (media) to say "I saw it coming.


Allen Iverson In Contract Talks with Grizzlies

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Chris Wallace should have gotten a cut from Mitch Kupchak for helping construct the Lakers' championship team.


Scenes From the Lakers Championship Parade

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Check out these highlights from the Lakers' parade down Figueroa Ave.


Lakers vs. Magic: Dime previews and picks the NBA Finals

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Yesterday was light in terms of NBA news and notes and rumors and all that: LeBron was released from the hospital following oral surgery, Leroy Smith took another step toward hoop/comedy immortality, and the combine results from the Chicago pre-draft camp were released.

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