‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ And Turd Ferguson Made A Glorious Return On #SNL40

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Sean Connery and Turd Ferguson showed up at the 'Saturday Night Live' anniversary special to terrorize poor Alex Trebek.


Jim Carrey Made An Awkward Brian Williams Joke On NBC’s #SNL40 Red Carpet

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Tina Fey's face throughout the interview is really the story here though.


#SNL40 Live Discussion

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We're all watching and commenting, so we of course should be doing it together!


Celebrate 40 Years Of ‘SNL’ And The People Who Made It Possible With This Collection Of Photographs


Past and present collide in these vintage photographs of the people behind 40 years of 'Saturday Night Live.'


‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 2010s

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'SNL' faced its hardest transition in years, but the cycle continues and the show's star power has been on the rise with a few exceptions.

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Weekend Preview: ‘The Walking Dead’ Marches On And ‘SNL’ Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

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'Saturday Night Live' celebrates its 40th anniversary and nobody can take more death on 'The Walking Dead'.

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‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 2000s

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What are the 'Saturday Night Live' cast members from the 2000s up to now?


Revisiting The Blame Behind The Most Embarrassing Flub In ‘SNL’ History

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What exactly happened to Ashlee Simpson after her 'SNL' flub?

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The Bizarre Circumstances And Shaky Aftermath Of Norm Macdonald’s Dismissal From Weekend Update

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Norm was quite popular behind the Update desk, but one NBC executive didn't care.

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‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1990s

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'SNL' saw a lot of star power pass through its hallowed halls in the 90s, but some just couldn't cut it.


The Tumultuous Stories Behind The Three Worst ‘SNL’ Seasons

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The most poorly-received seasons of 'Saturday Night Live' were terrible for a reason.

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‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1980s

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The '80s were a transitional time for 'Saturday Night Live' featuring a ton of talent. Where are they now?


‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1970s

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In honor of 'Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary special, we took a look back at the cast from the 1970s and where they are now.

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Bobby Moynihan Met Chris Christie On ‘SNL’ While Dressed As The Incredible Hulk

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Bobby Moynihan probably has the coolest photograph with Gov. Chris Christie that you'll ever see.


‘SNL’ Fans Chose The Best Sketch Of The 2000s And They Want More Cowbell!

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Fans have spoken and Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken's tribute to the cowbell and Blue Oyster Cult is officially the best of its era.

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Lorne Michaels On Passing On Stephen Colbert, Lisa Kudrow And Jim Carrey: ‘No One Gets Them All Right’

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From the cast members that he missed out on to the day that he'll finally call it quits, Lorne Michaels has plenty of stories from 'SNL.'


‘SNL’ Scorecard: J.K. Simmons Didn’t Quite Hit His Tempo

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How was J.K. Simmons as the host of Saturday Night Live?


Drunk Uncle And 8 More Of Bobby Moynihan’s Best ‘SNL’ Characters

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From Drunk Uncle to Chris Christie, Bobby Moynihan has proven himself to be one of 'SNL's' go-to players.

super bowl xlix

Weekend Preview: ‘Super Bowl XLIX’ And All The Trimmings

By | 14 Comments

The Seahawks play the Patriots in 'The Super Bowl', NBC airs a special 'Blacklist', and JK Simmons hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

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