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‘SNL’ Books Sia As Musical Guest For Kevin Hart-Hosted Episode


Sia will be the musical guest on the January 17 episode of 'Saturday Night Live', hosted by Kevin Hart.

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Exploring The Evolution Of Seth Meyers

By | 9 Comments

From his Update commentaries, to his affair with Stefon, Seth has had quite a run since debuting on 'SNL' in 2001.


The Evolution Of John Belushi’s Joe Cocker Impression

By | 2 Comments

For better or worse, John Belushi's impression of Joe Cocker will forever stand as a part of both men's legacies. Here's how it came to be.


Kristen Wiig And Harry Styles Got A Little Freaky To The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Soundtrack

By | 6 Comments

Kristen Wiig and Harry Styles got flirty as they sang along to the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack after this week's 'Saturday Night Live.'

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Turns Out The Holderness Family Loved ‘SNL’ Making Fun Of Their ‘Xmas Jammies’

By | 23 Comments

'Saturday Night Live' poked fun at the Holderness Family and they loved every minute of it.

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The Best ‘Weekend Update’ Correspondents Of The Past Decade

By | 19 Comments

For the past decade, these characters provided the biggest laughs at the Update desk.


Weekend Preview: How Will ‘Saturday Night Live’ Respond To The ‘Interview’ Controversy?

By | 23 Comments

The pressure is on 'Saturday Night Live', Craig Ferguson leaves 'The Late Late Show', and 'Homeland' ends its season.


Why Did ‘SNL’ Cut This Hilariously Dark Martin Freeman Sketch About Trapping Santa Claus?

By | 7 Comments

"Santa traps just like bear traps. The only difference is, they catch Santas instead of bears."

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Weekend Preview: ‘The Newsroom’ Says Goodbye

By | 22 Comments

A chupacabra goes to Portland on 'Grimm', Martin Freeman hosts 'Saturday Night Live', and 'The Newsroom' comes to an end.


What’s Going On? Why Would ‘SNL’ Cut This Brilliantly Spot-On VH1 Parody Sketch?

By | 21 Comments

The parody counts down the 100 Greatest Guys, from your classic nice guy to a guy's guy to an owner of two nice winter coats


Kevin Nealon Reminisced About Being Stuck In The ‘Friend Zone’ Prior To His Relationship With Jan Hooks


Kevin Nealon was a guest on this morning's 'Howard Stern,' where he recalled details from his relationship with Jan Hooks.


Jon Lovitz Explains The Real Reason Nora Dunn Refused To Appear On The Andrew Dice Clay Episode Of ‘SNL’

By | 21 Comments

Jon Lovitz, who was not a fan of Nora Dunn, explains why she REALLY protested the Andrew Dice Clay episode of SNL.

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Weekend Preview: In Defiance Of North Korea, James Franco Is Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

By | 13 Comments

James Franco hosts 'Saturday Night Live', 'Grimm' Deals With Christmas Trolls, And Homer Gets Lit On 'The Simpsons'

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A Celebration Of The ‘Walt Disney Frozen Head’ Joke’s Enduring Appeal

By | 8 Comments

Walt Disney's legacy will never fade, but neither will the rumors that he was frozen after he died. Because everyone loves to joke about it.


Fred Armisen’s Most Underrated ‘SNL’ Sketches and Impersonations

By | 9 Comments

Today marks Fred Armisen’s 48th year of being alive. To commemorate his birth we’ve looked into the depths of his time on SNL.


Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Were Taking Shots At Bill Cosby On ‘SNL’ Way Back In 2005

By | 26 Comments

Remember those subtle shots "30 Rock" took at Bill Cosby? Well, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler have been doing it since their 'SNL' days.

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James Franco Gets His Christmas Wish Granted In The Teasers For This Week’s ‘SNL’


Here are the teasers for this week's "SNL," featuring James Franco, Cecily Strong, and a Christmas miracle.

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