NASA Is Closer To Putting Whalers On The Moon And Submarines On Titan

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The Titan Mare Explorer might include a submarine to explore the depths of Titan's lakes.


Is Saturn Showing A Baby Bump? Inquiring Astronomers Want To Know!

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Saturn may be adding its 63rd moon to the family soon.


Underground Ocean Detected On Saturn’s Moon Enceladus


New findings from the Cassini spacecraft point to a large body of water beneath the surface of Enceladus, Jupiter's sixth-largest moon.


What’s With Saturn’s Hexagonal Jetstream?

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At right, courtesy of NASA is what the weather is like around Saturn's north pole.


Titan Has An Underground Ocean?

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Saturn has a lot of moons: sixty of them, in fact.


NASA Announcing Something Cool This Thursday


Put on your fancy speculatin' britches, because NASA released a statement that they're holding a press conference at 2 p.


Why Is Volkswagen In The Mood For Italian?

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Giant '80s car phone and mustache comb not included Assuming you’re like the majority of my friends and family, you owe me money don’t pay much attention to the auto industry.


Saturn’s Moon Titan May House New Form of Life

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Analysis of data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft has come back with some interesting results: two chemical signatures that suggest the possible existence of a hypothetical methane-based life form.

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