On Drake, The First Canadian Invasion And The Time Before Blogs Ruled The ‘Net

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Drake wasn't the first to put the Great White North on the map.


Redman – Pancakes & Syrup

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/10/download-redman-defjammable"> Whose ever bright idea it was to have Redman drop a mixtape a few days before his album is set to hit stores, definitely is one flapjack short of a full stack. It probably never occurred to them that Redman's unGoogleable Reggie title would surely be eclipsed by the more catching Pancakes & Syrup and its songs would blindside the actual album's tracklist. Eh...whatever is clever, I guess. For those of you in-the-know, Redman's 7th album, Reggie drops December 7th and he's making MCs break fast like scrambled eggs and bacon with his new freebie. Download -- <a href="http://usershare.net/91xc1bam1yer">Redman - Pancakes & Syrup Mixtape</a> <a href="http://smokingsection.


Method Man & Redman Feat. Saukrates – “A-Yo” Video

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For all you 90's era petitioning types out there, you can finally stop kneeling to your Def Jam 2000 alter night after night.

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