Elizabeth Berkley Reenacted Her Greatest ‘Saved By The Bell’ Scene On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Elizabeth Berkley got her Jesse Spano on during last night's "Dancing with the Stars."

jeff was a creep

That Unauthorized ‘Saved By The Bell’ Musical Is Taking New York By Storm

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The campy, unauthorized "Saved by the Bell" musical is playing to standing-room-only crowds in New York City.


Watch Mark-Paul Gosselaar Wear A Fake Mustache, Rip On Justin Bieber And Play ‘Zack Morris In 2013′

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar wearing a huge fake mustache, drinking Manhattans, and dishing about fame? Yes, please.


What Would Zack Morris Do In 2013?


How would Zack Morris deal with modern day problems involving Facebook, Cross-Fit, iPhone apps, and gluten-free pizza.

uproxx 20

Tiffani Thiessen’s Favorite Meme Remains A Mystery

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Tiffani was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few of our questions.


‘Saved By The Bell’ Is Coming Back In Digital Comic Form

By | 23 Comments

NBC Universal and Lion Forge Comics are reviving several classic TV series, including Saved by the Bell and Knight Rider, as digital comic books.


Sports On TV: 15 More Great Sports Moments From Saved By The Bell

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The very first show featured in our Sports On TV column was 'Saved By The Bell,' and with good reason.

the 90s

The Cast Of ‘Workaholics’ Inserted Into The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Opening Credits? Sure, Why Not?

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VKMTV Studios inserted the cast of "Workaholics" into the "Saved by the Bell" opening credits. Soooooooooooo yup that's a post.


Workaholics Gets a Saved by the Bell-Style Intro


The Internet won't stop until it creates a mashup for every conceivable combination of popular television shows.


Screech From ‘Saved By The Bell’ Is Pulling For The San Francisco 49ers

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Because someone was willing to talk to him, former child actor Dustin Diamond has some advice for San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh in defeating his brother, John, and the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 47 today at 6:30 PM ET on CBS.

omg omg you guys you guys

Merry Christmas To Us: ‘Saved By The Bell’-Inspired Air Jordans

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Someone made a pair of custom "Saved by the Bell"-inspired Air Jordan 10s. THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.


The Dallas Mavericks Are Still Being Weird About Christmas

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Last week we featured a video of the <a href="" target="_blank">Dallas Mavericks murmuring their way through 'Sleigh Ride,'</a> and if you thought that'd be the end of their wacky Christmas updates, you are underestimating a 12-13 team with nothing better to do.


Zack Morris Sells Friendship Bracelets on Shark Tank


Fast-talking Zack Morris pitches his line of friendship bracelets on Shark Tank.


Today Is The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style’

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"Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style" debuted on November 27, 1992. Congratulations, you are old.

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