Killer Mike – “Untitled” Video

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When it's time for our Finale entry at the end of '12, Killer Mike and his R.

Tre Luce

Tre Luce Drops His Atlanta Mini-Doc “The Return”

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Turning a two minute song, "The Return," into a five minute mini-documentary on the changes Atlanta has seen in the past twenty years, Tre Luce adds his stream-of-consciousness flow to the end of a well-shot series of interviews with Rico Wade and others discussing the effects of the 1996 Olympics, gentrification and the progress (or lack thereof) on the embattled west side.

We Got Now

Get Used To Tre Luce

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Unless you read my introspective Smoking Session with Purple Ribbon A&R <a href="">Chris Carmouche</a> a year or so ago, you probably aren't aware of who Tre Luce is at all.


Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

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Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on <a href="">Sean Falyon</a>, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.

The 808 Experiment: Vol 3

Scar Feat. El Prez & Aleon Craft – “Smoke & Ride Out” (Prod. By SMKA)

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I could probably count on both of my hands and maybe one foot the number of male R&B singers I actually enjoy listening to.

The Weathermen

Playboy Tre’s Last Call

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<a href=""> Symbolically, The Last Call could be perceived as listeners' last shot to board the bandwagon before buddy makes his move toward popularity and acclaim. <a href="">Tre's</a> covering everyone's bar tab here so it's free to enjoy.

Señor Kaos

4-Ize x Don Cannon – Off The Top Rope

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<a href=""> Hip-Hop can be like WWE at times but <a href="">4-Ize</a> plays neither hero nor heel.

Sean Falyon

Sean Falyon Feat. Playboy Tre & Scar – “Wonderful Life” Video

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<a href=""> The funny thing about family is no matter how distant and/or separate your lives may be, the similarities of the bloodline always manage to shine through. Some of your kin may have took the roads less traveled (and favored) but through tough times and the holidays, that bloodline can prove to be substantial backbone when the one they were blessed with gives out. <a href="">Sean Falyon</a> (as well as Playboy Tre and Scar) know a thing or two about rolling with the punches.

Sean Falyon

Sean Falyon Feat. Playboy Tre and Scar – “Wonderful Life”

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Keepin' it 100, <a href="">Playboy Tre</a> should just give up rap.

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