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‘Total Recall’ Reboot’s Failure Was Delicious Schadenfreude For Paul Verhoeven


No one enjoyed watching the 'Total Recall' reboot fail as much as original 'Total Recall' director Paul Verhoeven did.

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Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Resigns Amid Disastrous ‘SimCity’ Launch


EA's CEO John Riccitiello has resigned. This comes after 'SimCity' had one of the most botched game launches ever, among other problems for the company.


Guy Fieri Didn’t Register The Obvious Web Address For His NYC Restaurant, So The Internet Did It For Him


Guy Fieri didn't register the most obvious URL for Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, so programmer Bryan Mytko registered it and posted a hilarious menu.


Everyone Really Hates 'A Good Day to Die Hard'


Only an idiot would expect a fifth Die Hard movie directed by the guy who did Max Payne and Flight of the Phoenix to be any good, but it's still impressive the degree to which it's been able to limbo under even the lowest of low expectations.

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When Tributes To LeBron James Go Wrong

Last week, a group of students from California’s Woodcreek High School decided it would be a totally radical and boss idea to pay tribute to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James before their team’s big game against rival Roseville High.


Kickstarter: The Agony and the Ecstasy. But Usually The Agony.

Kickstarter reflects the potential of those using it. For better and often for worse.


Organic Food Shockingly Just The Same As Normal Food


Yes, everything you've suspected about organic food being a ripoff is absolutely true.


Facebook Making Its Employees Use Its Terrible Android App


Apparently Facebook has started engaging in quality control for Android by engaging in trial by fire. Employees are being forced to use the app, even if they'd prefer to use the iPhone.


How Low Can Facebook's Stock Go?

Maybe if we offer it five bucks Facebook'll give us back our privacy.


TLC’s Facebook Wall Is Littered With Schadenfreude-Tastic ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Hate


After the premiere of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," fans of TLC flooded the network's Facebook Wall with hate-filled messages. Yay!


Zynga Investors Under Investigation For Perfectly Timed Stock Sale

Gee, Zynga's board might be full of corrupt thieves? That's terribly surprising, old chap.


Facebook/Instagram Marriage Under Investigation By FTC

It was a match made in heaven, if you define "heaven" as "competitively squelching a possible rival to your business before it can really get started.


Why We Love The RIAA And ISPs Trying to Police Piracy


As you may have heard, starting July 12th, ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner and the RIAA have entered into an agreement where, if they see "suspicious activity," they'll offer a "graduated response," essentially sending you a few nasty emails and then cutting off your Internet service.


AT&T Learns 'Unlimited' Doesn't Mean 'What We Feel Like' In Court

As we all know, AT&T is not exactly popular among, well, anybody, but until recently, they were the only network with an iPhone.


The Orlando Magic Are Laughably Terrible Right Now


To say that things aren’t going well for the Orlando Magic would be an incredible understatement.

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Tim Tebow in Defeat: A Children’s Treasury of Pictures


All I wanted for Christmas was for Tim Tebow to lose by three scores at home to one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL.


Music Labels Win The Battle, Lose the War over Music Clouds

You may have heard that music labels were trying to get "locker" services like Amazon Cloud and whatever Google's doing shut down unless they paid the labels massive chunks of change, kind of like that time Universal tried to demand that they get a royalty for every iPod sold, because, like, music was totally stolen off of the Internet and listened to on iPods, so that's Apple's fault.

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