#Comments of the Week

Comments Of The Week: Yogurt Mustache Edition

By | 32 Comments

We've got the reader-written fan fiction about FilmDrunk's writing staff you want right here.

#Comments of the Week

Comments Of The Week Returns, With Schnitzel Bob’s Incredible Matt Lieb Fan Fiction

By | 30 Comments

Comments of the week returns, with the best of Schnitzel Bob's incredible Matt Lieb fan fiction.


Frotcast 219: On The Great Celebrity Nude Leak Of 2014 (aka The Fappening)

By | 16 Comments

Laremy and Fake Brett drop by the Frotquarters this week, where we talk about The Great celebrity Nude Leak of 2014.


Comments of the Week: Monica Edition

By | 27 Comments

You are all wonderful human beings. Haha, just kidding, but some of you are really funny sometimes.


Comments of the Week: Saddles Edition

By | 22 Comments

This week's Comments of the Week gets a Blazing Saddles Blu-Ray. So who was it??

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