school lunches

A Bunch Of Adults Tried School Lunches To See How Bad They Really Were

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Are school lunches really that bad or are we just raising a nation of whiny picky eaters?

school lunches

Kids Are Tweeting Photos Of Nasty School Lunches With The Hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama

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While we feel pretty bad for these kids, at the same time this is also pretty hilarious.


‘Yuck,’ a 4th-Grader’s Documentary about His School’s Lunches

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If you go to festivals like the NYC Independent Film Festival, you can see films like Yuck, a short documentary directed by a fourth grader about his own school lunches.


Nine-Year-Old With A Blog Shames School Into Serving Decent Food

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As everyone reading this surely knows, school lunches, in the US, are generally pretty vile.

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