A New PSA Wants Kids To Steal Their Parents’ Guns And Give Them To Their Teachers

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A San Francisco-based production company made the video, which depicts a boy bringing his mom's gun to school to give to his teacher.


The Man Behind The Shootings At Florida State Believed The Government Was Out To Get Him

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Myron May, the man who gunned down three people at FSU's library thought the government was targeting him and may have sent packages to friends before his death.


An Illinois High Schooler Had His Entire School Locked Down Over An April Fools Shooting Prank

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Police from at least 10 departments responded to a shooting threat at an Illinois high school, and it turned out to be an April Fools joke.


A South Carolina Woman Thought A College Shooting April Fools' Prank Was A Good Idea

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A South Carolina woman texted her daughter that she was hiding in a bathroom at a college after she her gunshots, but it was just a bad April Fools' prank.


Andre Drummond Commemorated The Sandy Hook Shootings By Writing The Names Of The 26 Victims On His Shoes


Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond honored the lives of the Sandy Hook shooting victims by writing their names on his shoes during Sunday's home game.


Oh No, ‘Glee’ Is Doing A School Shooting Episode

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Because Ryan Murphy is the worst, "Glee" is doing an episode about a school shooting.


Steven Seagal and Joe Arpaio are training a ‘posse’ of school shooting first responders

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Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff who somehow still has a job, is teaming up with his best buddy Steven Seagal to train a posse of first responders to deal with school shootings.

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