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A French Math Teacher Made 11-Year-Olds Watch ‘Saw’

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Back when I was in middle school, there were four days of the year that we considered to be better than Christmas - the four half-days when teachers had their super-secret staff meetings.


Hallway Swimming


Quite possibly the most entertaining thing that has ever happened in a high school hallway.


Disgruntled Student Pays Tuition With Coins


A geology student outraged over yet another fee added to his tuition decides to do some "nickel and diming" of his own -- paying the bill with 230 pounds of rolled up coins.


Student Loans: A Horror Story


Have you ever felt like your student loans were killing you.


Science Experiment Gone Wrong


It's always a great sign when your high school chemistry teacher is telling people to move back before the experiment even begins.

Supercut: TV’s First Days of School


Kids on television's most popular shows have experienced a wide range of emotions on the first day back at school.


Late Night Hashtags: #MyCrazyTeacher


Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag #MyCrazyTeacher on Twitter (as part of his running <a href="">Late Night Hashtags</a> segment) and it was a trending topic in the U.


5 Online College Courses for Comic Book Fans

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As comic books become a larger part of our culture, they have also gained quite a bit of respect from those who previously dismissed them as childish.


11-Year Old Demias Jimerson Benched For Being Good At Football

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Did you ever have a moment in school where your teacher asked a question and you raised your hand, but you'd already answered too many questions that day, so she didn't call on you and asked the class if anybody else knew the answer.


A Guide To Surviving School This Year, With Tips By A Former Inmate

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A former inmate gives helpful tips on how to survive the unimaginable hell that is high school.

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