A New Study Is Asking If High Alcohol Consumption Could Protect Against ALS

By | 3 Comments

This new study lives in a place where the Ice Bucket Challenge meets the Smirnoff Ice Challenge.


The University of Kansas Did A Research Study To Find Out Why People Watch Pro Wrestling

By | 13 Comments

Why do people like pro wrestling? Why do people cheer for Brock Lesnar if he's a bad guy? The University of Kansas is finding out.


Here’s A Map Of How NCAA Football Fandom Breaks Down In the U.S.

By | 23 Comments

Here's a map of what college football teams your state roots for.


Scientists In New Zealand Have Finally Determined Which Cheese Is Best For Pizzas

By | 5 Comments

A new study by researchers in New Zealand helps explain why mozzarella is simply the best when it comes to making pizza.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

More People Are Watching World Cup Ads Than Super Bowl Ads, But Are They Better?

By | 9 Comments

Here's a totally scientific and accurate evaluation of this year's World Cup ads compared to the commercials from Super Bowl XVIII.


Surprise, Watching Porn Might Not Actually Shrink Your Brain

By | 22 Comments

Many articles from the past two weeks suggested that watching porn shrinks your brain. It turns aut meny uf thoz wr misleeding oh gaud wut happnd to my brane


A Very Unagi And Scientific Ranking Of The Worst Male Characters On ‘Friends’

By | 55 Comments

We used a very serious and legitimate scientific method to rank the worst male characters from the beloved NBC series 'Friends.'


One Brave Blogger Has Finally Discovered The 'Average Porn Star'

By | 35 Comments

When people generally think of female porn stars, they tend to think of blonde hair like Kayden Kross up there, or they think of gigantic, cartoonish fake breasts and loads of makeup and plastic surgery.


Study Finds Porn Actresses Have Higher Self Esteem & Their Lives Are Super Great

By | 29 Comments

The stereotype of the troubled porn star is as well-entrenched as the sad clown, or the insufferable Will Smith offspring, augmented by the long list of infamous porn star suicides, like Savannah, who killed herself after she cut her face in a car accident, or Alex Jordan, who famously addressed her suicide note to her pet parrot.


REPORT: Fantasy Football Is Ruining The American Economy

By | 7 Comments

In news that should shock probably no person in any civilized society, people don’t like doing actual work at their jobs, according to a recent study.


New Study: Tim Tebow’s Tears Are So Macho

By | 2 Comments

The American Psychological Association has released a new study, entitled, "Psychology of Men & Masculinity," and the findings are going to blow your minds.


Survey: Rom-Coms Will Ruin Your Life

By | 15 Comments

While men everywhere are undoubtedly on the edge of their seats for the release of Valentine’s Day on DVD and Blu-Ray, a survey taken in Australia has been conducted to coincide with the hilarious Ashton Kutcher film, and the results are quite shocking – romantic comedies may not be good for real-life relationships.

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