Oh Nothing, Just Shaun White’s French Bulldog Dog Rambo Riding A Scooter

The legend of Shaun White's dog, Rambo, grows with this wonderful photo of the French bulldog on a scooter.


Biker Tries To Evade The Wrong Police Car

In this riveting dashboard camera footage of a high-speed chase in the Czech Republic, a biker tries to outmaneuver a police car, only to have the officer put on a masterclass in weaving through traffic.


Good Morning, Here’s A Guy Pulling Off A Scooter Front Flip

Football started back up, but the most important thing you missed this weekend is this guy doing a scooter front flip.


The Worst Scooter Operator in Human History

A man in China somehow manages to ram his scooter into several vehicles without anyone stopping him or his machine shutting down -- and that's only the beginning.


Nevermind That Baseball Sh*t, A Dog Is Riding A Scooter

I am currently writing about sports from a hotel room in Philadelphia.


Hilarious Russian Vespa Fail

That was an unexpected turn of events.


Scooter Power!

This scooter rider is super excited about scooters, and he's about to have that excitement tested.


Two Drunks on a Scooter

A driver spots two drunks on a scooter and tests their reactions with a quick honk of the horn.


Russian Woman Falls Asleep On Scooter, Nearly Hits Semi Head-On

Is it possible to hit a giant truck with your tiny scooter and still feel incredibly lucky.


Afternoon Express

A scooter becomes so much more manly when it has a train horn installed.


Pirates Catcher Helpless in the Face of Scooter Menace


I guess you could type the phrase "Pirates catcher helpless in the face of" a lot of things -- sliding players, incoming fastballs, fate -- but this one is a doozy: Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Chris Snyder's wife was driving their car and (allegedly) almost hit a pedestrian on a scooter.


Because You’re Done With the Internet For the Day – Tebow on the Daily Show


In case you needed more reasons to hate Tim Tebow, here he is on last night's edition of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" being affable and talking about how college athletes deserve to ride around on scooters and eat Bloomin' Onions.

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