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What’s On Thanksgiving: Football, ‘Charlie Brown’, And ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′

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NFL rivalries, a 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' marathon, and the annual airing of the 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special'.


This Compilation Of Edgar Wright’s Visual Comedy Reminds Us Of What We’ll Be Missing In ‘Ant-Man’

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A compilation of masterful visual comedy shows us how funny Marvel's 'Ant-Man' could have been with Edgar Wright directing.


We’ve Got Wood: The Edgar Wright Art Show Is Now Online

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Gallery 1988's Edgar Wright Art Show includes works inspired by Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World's End.


3:33:01.40 The New World Record Pac-Man Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled


Yes, that is actually how effed up Pac-Man's 256th level looks.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Let The Links Hit The Floor


PICTURES: Guillermo Del Toro reviews Scott Pilgrim [EpicPonyz] and Galactus on his mighty steed [GogDog] Tis The Season To Stick 'Em Up [ For your consideration: Mark Wahlberg [Filmdrunk] Top TV Nude Scenes in 2010 [WarmingGlow] Best of 2010: Skateboarder nutchecks [WithLeather] Keith Brooking’s Speech [...].


The Top 10 Most Illegally Downloaded Films

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Courtesy of TorrentFreak (via Blastr), here's this week's list of the most illegally downloaded movies, led by Inception.


Frotcast #10: Montana Fishburne, knives out for Scott Pilgrim

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This week on the Frotcast, we finally got the microphones and mixer we've been promising so Ben could achieve what producer Phil Spector used to call the "Wall of Ear Rape.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The Scott Pilgrim sound effects featurette

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I don't usually post featurettes (making-of segments) because they're usually boring as hell, but if you fast-forward to about the 1:40 mark of this one, you can hear the Scott Pilgrim sound editors and mixers talk about creating the effects for the film.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim’s fake movie taglines are better than real ones

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Remember how I said it was the clever details that made Scott Pilgrim, not the plot.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Do Scott Pilgrim numbers represent a ‘fanboy fickleness’?

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Everyone seems to be writing their own why-Scott-Pilgrim-wasn't-a-hit article this week, usually with a convenient "bob-omb" reference (foreshadowing.


Review: I saw Scott Pilgrim, did you?

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I Hate Camp and Bells and Whistles and Comic Books and Video Games, but I Loved Scott Pilgrim, So F*ck You.


Scott Pilgrim kinda flops, but don’t freak out, nerds, it’s better this way.

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The Expendables grunted its way to $35 million, Eat, Pray, Love queefed into number two with $23.

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Notes from the Scott Pilgrim Comic-Con Panel

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I skipped The Expendables panel in favor of the much less cluster-humpy Children's Hospital panel yesterday, which was scheduled to end at 6:00 (it was awesome, more on that in a bit).

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Classic Side-Scrolling Returns, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game


Better grab another juice box and lock that tree fort hatch, looks like we'll all be putting in some extra man hours on our gaming consoles soon.


Scott Pilgrim, Cyrus, & the super mega trailer round up

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About a billion new trailers hit in the last couple days, so I'm going to combine a bunch of them into one handy post.


Scott Pilgrim spawns Double Dragon-style video game

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UPDATE: YouTube version attached below if you're having trouble with this player.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim uses space-age technology to make Chris Evans likable

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Twilight wasn't the only thing happening at the MTV Movie Awards, there was also the premiere of this new clip from Scott Pilgrim vs.

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