Scott Storch Caught Slipping, Gets Robbed In NYC

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Scott Storch's name is synonymous with two things: the production mind behind some of raps most popular mid-2,000s songs, and being one of hip-hop's cautionary tales, a case study in what drug addiction and bone-headed spending can do to a dude.


10.15 The Cooler

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Kozara Cambon A Football Fan’s Guide To A HBCU Homecoming [TSFJ] Arrest Warrant Issued for Producer Scott Storch [Broken Cool] David Stern Not Interested in Adding NBA Team Overseas at the Moment [SLAM] Leona Lewis: 'I Recorded Rihanna's 'We Found Love' First' [NME] Tyga Sued [...].


The iPod Shuffle – Method Man’s “Is It Me”

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"Oh boy, dig it, I talk about it and I live it Been there, did it, shitted and wiped my ass with it These critics saw the train for brains and must of missed it If they ain't got the shit, they'll never get it" Method Man's raspy, raggedy voice is one of Hip-Hop's dopest weapons.

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Side Effects: Mariah Carey’s Top 20 Hip-Hop Collabos

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For over two decades, Mariah Carey has been knocking out hits and keeping her name relevant.

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Rugz D. Bewler – Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad Mc’Fly

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To get where you going, you have to know where you been. And before Rugz D. Bewler bursts through the glass ceiling, he's giving the good people of this earth some rememberance of him by penning Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad Mc'Fly.


Jam Session VI With The Roots

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If it wasn't for The Roots, Hip-Hop's existing poor coverage at the Grammy's would be damn near Third World.


12.30 The Cooler

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Ohhhh Donna WinZip, You Have Underestimated the Cheapness of Man [Gizmodo] Somali Pirates Had a Great 2009 [Gawker] Acts That Jumped the Shark In The 2000s [Spinner] 14-1 Colts Should Be Fined By The NFL [With Leather] 5 Reasons Why Houston is Stuck with Tracy [...].

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Mams Taylor – King Amongst Men: The Lost Album


You may not have heard of Mams Taylor but obviously he has more than enough industry co-signs to peak even the casual fans interest.


8.28 The Cooler

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Cece Lez & Her Candied Apple.



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Scott Storch is a music producer who has, at some point, probably had a hand in a song that you liked.


6.13 The Cooler

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Freak Something Saturday's Fabienne Howard How Scott Storch's Cocaine Addiction Made Him Spend $30 Million In Six Months [MTV] ‘Fela!’ Musical to hit Broadway this fall [Frolab] New York Lawmaker Calls on CBS to Fire Letterman for Palin Comments [Fox] Dazed and Confused: The [...].


Nipsey Hussle – “Good For Me” (Produced By Scott Storch)

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Hussle and Storch get together to bastardize a Sade classic for the fifth leak off Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol.

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Wire Tap: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

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It's been a year and I still miss The Wire and all its characters.

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The Game x “Hustler’s Dream” x “Number One” x “Enemy”

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Three new Jayceon tracks that seem to be leftovers from L.

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