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Here’s Why The Janitor Was The Best Character On ‘Scrubs’

By | 19 Comments

The Janitor was easily the best thing about the long-running NBC/ABC sitcom. Here are all the reasons why.


Zach Braff And Donald Faison Teamed Up To Perform ‘Guy Love’ In Austin

By | 18 Comments

At a screening for his film, 'Wish I Was Here,' Zach Braff welcomed his BFF Donald Faison to sing their beloved 'Scrubs' song.

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The ‘Scrubs’ Broadway Musical Is Happening

By | 5 Comments

Bill Lawrence is bringing the guy love of "Scrubs" to Broadway.

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The 25 Best Series On Netflix Instant, Ranked

By | 216 Comments

Ranking the very best television of what Netflix has to offer in 2014.


8 Memorable TV Scenes That Were Improvised

By | 55 Comments

We present to you eight great TV scenes that were made up on the spot. You're welcome.

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20 Fun, Obscure Facts About ‘Scrubs’ That You Might Not Know

By | 96 Comments

A look back at a few fun facts and trivia from one of the greatest sitcoms of the modern era, 'Scrubs.'


15 Incredibly Fun Examples Of Celebrity Paradoxes On Television

By | 78 Comments

Fun examples of celebrity paradoxes, where one character refers to a character played by the same actor in a different universe.


The Best Of Zach Braff’s Reddit AMA

By | 27 Comments

The best questions and answers from Zach Braff's Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

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Turk Got Married This Weekend At J.D.’s Home

By | 15 Comments

Donald Faison, who played Turk on "Scrubs," got married to Cacee Cobb this weekend at the home of Zach Braff, a.k.a. J.D.


Enjoy 15 Of Your Favorite TV Theme Songs Performed Live By Various Artists

By | 19 Comments

Live performances of many of your favorite tv theme songs in different genres and styles from a varied set of musicians.

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What’s Going On With The Cast Of ‘Scrubs’ These Days?

By | 53 Comments

Zach Braff landed a new television show, which gives us a reason to check out the whereabouts of the rest of the cast.


The 10 Greatest Jerkasses in Television Sitcom History

By | 66 Comments

A list of television sitcom history's ten best jerkasses, characters who are funny because they are extraordinarily awful people.

Turk Dance Alert! Bill Lawrence Is Developing A ‘Scrubs’ Musical (And The Morning Links)

By | 4 Comments

Bill Lawrence may be bringing the Turk Dance to Broadway, plus highlights from around the web.


Is This How You’d Rank the 12 Greatest NBC Comedies Of All Time?

By | 111 Comments

Ahead of NBC's new slate of sitcoms, the Washington Post ranks the 12 best NBC comedies of all time. Do you agree?

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Who Has Two Thumbs and Is Developing a New Show for Fox?

By | 17 Comments

For the woefully unfamiliar, the brilliant Bill Lawrence is the writer and exec producer behind "Scrubs," "Cougar Town," "Spin City," and "Clone High," which means that he is responsible, at least in part, for the Turk Dance, Penny Can, irrational hatred of Hugh Jackman, and Hooch (who is crazy).


J.D. and Turk Bring Their Guy Love to the Holiday Season

By | 10 Comments

Even if "Scrubs" was never really your thing (I love the show's offbeat sensibility, but get why someone wouldn't, especially someone who's watching an episode past season five), you must admit there's something nice about two actors who played best friends on TV actually being best friends in real life, too.


Ten of TV’s Most Obnoxious, Overused Tropes

By | 48 Comments

Did people in the 1960s, when TV was a relatively new source of entertainment, predict that at the end of the “Mr.


Zach Braff Screwed One Of His Fans, Made Me Kind Of Like Him For A Minute

By | 2 Comments

Reasons to dislike Zach Braff: - That <a href="" target="_blank">eye-gougingly terrible movie</a> with Rachel Bilson that derailed her career forever.


Bill Lawrence is Awesome

By | 37 Comments

Last week, <a href="" target="_blank">Scott Brown of New York Magazine reviewed</a> Zach Braff's new play, All New People.

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