People Are Not Happy About This Giant Sculpture In Paris That Looks Like A Buttplug


This state in Place Vendome is supposed to be a tree, but that's not what people are saying it looks like.


Meet The ‘Artist’ Who Sculpted An 880-Lb. Cobra Statue From Cow Poop… For The Kids


Growing up in Florida, I’ve never known the joy of building a snowman or especially spelling my name in the snow.


The Steampunk Metal Sculptures of Kreatworks

In Thailand there is a group of artists called Kreatworks that are making sculptures of your favorite pop culture robots and aliens.


Half Woman, Half Machine, All Disturbing: The Scupltures Of Fan Xiaoyan

In order to further my goal of keeping you awake all night in fear, I found some more nightmarish creations, this time from 27-year-old Chinese artist Fan Xiaoyan (Note: The nipples have been blurred out in these photos, but not on the original site).

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