This Baby Sea Lion Waddled Into A Newport Beach Bar


Despite naming the pup "Beach Ball" after the bar, the staff wouldn't serve it. Yet another example of government bureaucracy in action.


Meet The Fisherman Who Learned Not To Mess With Sea Lions


Nature is beautiful, but it's also full of murderous sea lions.

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Sneaky Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish Out Of Fisherman's Hands

A crafty sea lion comes out of nowhere to steal a fisherman's prized catch.


Sea Lion Bobs Head to Music

According to scientists at The Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Laboratory at UC Santa Cruz, Ronan the sea lion is the first non-human mammal ever known to find and keep a beat, given musical stimulation.


Sea Lion Hitches a Ride

An adventurous (or maybe just lazy) sea lion hitches a ride on the back of a fishing boat in Los Cabos.


Sea Lion Pup Takes a Kayak Ride

An adorable baby sea lion surprises a diver by jumping into his kayak and taking a ride.


Sea Lion Chases Penguins

A sea lion tries to run down its breakfast.


Sea Lions Released Back Into Ocean

A pair of sea lions that were rescued in December and rehabilitated by the Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Canyon get released back into the wild at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach, CA.


Sea Lion vs. Octopus

Ride shotgun with a sea lion as it does battle with an ink-spouting octopus, a confrontation that had never been seen before Nat Geo's Crittercam captured this footage.

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Links Love Cocaine And Star Wars

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