Okay, Fine, PBS. You And Your Baby Sea Otter Show Have Our Attention.

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PBS's "Nature" will air an episode tomorrow titled "Saving Otter 501," which will focus on an aquarium's attempt to rescue and rehabilitate a baby sea otter.


Otter Teases Dog


A sea otter playfully taunts an Australian cattle dog.


And Now, The Top 10 Dunks Of 2012-2013

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The world outside is scary right now, so I suggest we spend this entire Friday reliving the happier moments of this year, like the time DeAndre Jordan baptized Brandon Knight against his will and that other time when Blake Griffin dunked all stupid when he didn't have to.


Wednesday Dunk Battle: Griffin Vs. James Vs. Faried Vs. Fire Guy Vs. Sea Otter

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This week, the Wednesday Dunk Battle goes high concept -- what, scientifically speaking, constitutes the "best slam dunk.


Sea Otter Plays Basketball


Eddie the sea otter plays basketball to exercise his arthritic elbows.


Friday Face-Off: Dogs On Swings Vs. A Very Hungry Baby Sea Otter

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Welcome back to another installment of With Leather's Friday Face-Off, amigos and comrades.

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