Travolta, Outrage, And Dancing Legos: Eight Thoughts About The Oscars Telecast

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The "Everything Is Awesome" number was amazing and I will fight you if you disagree.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay And Dina Lohan Are Suing Fox News For Saying They Did Cocaine Together

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Lindsay and Dina Lohan are suing Fox News because of a 'Hannity' contributor who said that they used cocaine together.

#Fox News

Sean Hannity: Jon Stewart ‘Has His Head So Far Up Obama’s Ass He Cannot See Clearly’

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Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity just took their war of words to several new levels.

russell brand

Watch What Happened When Russell Brand Paid Fox News A Visit

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Russell Brand showed up at Fox News this week after Sean Hannity cancelled the comedian's appearance. Things escalated quickly.


Did Sean Hannity Really Pull Off His Belt And Whip His Desk In A Segment About Adrian Peterson?

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Let's watch Sean Hannity undress and whip his desk like a psycho on FOX news.

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Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knows How Obama Should Handle ISIS: ‘Convert Them Or Kill Them’

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When it comes to how to handle ISIS, this Christian's views do not stray far from the philosophy of radical Islam.

#Stephen Colbert

Sean Hannity Responded To Stephen Colbert’s ‘Literally’ Jokes With A Bad Zinger And A ‘Reality’ Challenge

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Sean Hannity shockingly took a blowhard stance in response to Colbert's wonderful segment about "Apparently" kid.

russell brand

Russell Brand Takes Sean Hannity To Task Over His Views On Israel / Palestine, Calls Him A Ken Doll

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Russell Brand takes aim at Fox News again, but we have a few questions about the direction of his revolution.


Sean Hannity Kicked Cliven Bundy To The Curb Last Night

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I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that Sean Hannity washed his hands of sh*tbird Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy last night.


Stephen Colbert’s Obliteration Of Fox News And Cliven Bundy Is Exhibit A Why We’ll Miss ‘Stephen Colbert’

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There's just nothing quite like eviscerating this sort of Fox News toxic ridiculousness under the guise of agreeing with it.


Sean Hannity Challenged Jon Stewart To A Fight Over Cliven Bundy And Jon Stewart Cold Knocked His Ass Out

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Sean Hannity took issue with Jon Stewart for blasting him for supporting Cliven Bundy. Jon Stewart responded with a knockout punch on the Daily Show.


Watch Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn & The ‘Jersey Boys’ Cast Beg Sean Hannity Not To Leave NYC On The Daily Show

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Sean Hannity is threatening to leave NYC. So the Daily Show put together something to convince him to stay starring Nathan Lane, Time Gunn & the Jersey Boys cast.


Sean Hannity: Ryan Adams Is A ‘Gutless Little Coward’ For Going On A ‘Liberal Twitter Tirade’

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Ryan Adams went on one of his patented "liberal Twitter tirades," so Sean Hannity called him out for being a "gutless little coward" on Fox News.


How to Pretend You Didn’t Say the F-Word on Fox News

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Bob Beckel looks like a fat cat from a newspaper cartoon, complete with a belligerent attitude, huge waistline, jowls, and comical suspenders.



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This is a timeline of Kim Kardashian's life: 1980: Born.



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I've got fond memories of Victoria Jackson.

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