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Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knows How Obama Should Handle ISIS: ‘Convert Them Or Kill Them’

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When it comes to how to handle ISIS, this Christian's views do not stray far from the philosophy of radical Islam.

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Sean Hannity Responded To Stephen Colbert’s ‘Literally’ Jokes With A Bad Zinger And A ‘Reality’ Challenge

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Sean Hannity shockingly took a blowhard stance in response to Colbert's wonderful segment about "Apparently" kid.

russell brand

Russell Brand Takes Sean Hannity To Task Over His Views On Israel / Palestine, Calls Him A Ken Doll

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Russell Brand takes aim at Fox News again, but we have a few questions about the direction of his revolution.


Sean Hannity Kicked Cliven Bundy To The Curb Last Night

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I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that Sean Hannity washed his hands of sh*tbird Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy last night.


Stephen Colbert’s Obliteration Of Fox News And Cliven Bundy Is Exhibit A Why We’ll Miss ‘Stephen Colbert’

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There's just nothing quite like eviscerating this sort of Fox News toxic ridiculousness under the guise of agreeing with it.


Sean Hannity Challenged Jon Stewart To A Fight Over Cliven Bundy And Jon Stewart Cold Knocked His Ass Out

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Sean Hannity took issue with Jon Stewart for blasting him for supporting Cliven Bundy. Jon Stewart responded with a knockout punch on the Daily Show.


Watch Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn & The ‘Jersey Boys’ Cast Beg Sean Hannity Not To Leave NYC On The Daily Show

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Sean Hannity is threatening to leave NYC. So the Daily Show put together something to convince him to stay starring Nathan Lane, Time Gunn & the Jersey Boys cast.


Sean Hannity: Ryan Adams Is A ‘Gutless Little Coward’ For Going On A ‘Liberal Twitter Tirade’

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Ryan Adams went on one of his patented "liberal Twitter tirades," so Sean Hannity called him out for being a "gutless little coward" on Fox News.


How to Pretend You Didn’t Say the F-Word on Fox News

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Bob Beckel looks like a fat cat from a newspaper cartoon, complete with a belligerent attitude, huge waistline, jowls, and comical suspenders.



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This is a timeline of Kim Kardashian's life: 1980: Born.



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I've got fond memories of Victoria Jackson.

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