Troy Bell

25 College Stars Who Were Busts In The NBA

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NCAA seasons come and go before many of us can even comprehend that they happened.

William Avery

1-30: Worst NBA Draft Picks Ever

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For some teams, the NBA draft is a chance to rebuild and send the franchise in a completely new direction (cough, Cleveland, cough).

Sean May

Nets sign No. 1 NBA Draft pick

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Earlier this week, the New Jersey Nets waived Sean May, who they'd just signed weeks before.


Team USA routs Angola before matchup with Russia

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No complaints about Team USA's Labor Day destruction of Angola: Scoring 121 points in a 40-minute game is about as perfect as you can get on offense, and more importantly moving forward in the World Championship bracket, Team USA didn't take their foot off the pedal, holding Angola to just 10 points in the fourth quarter when the game had been long over.


Andre Iguodala, Jay-Z takeover USA Basketball Showcase

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Even though it wasn't much like a real game -- being played in 12-minute halves with a sudden-death overtime -- last night's USA Basketball Showcase at the World Basketball Festival was more than worth the wait.

#Chris Paul

Making a Point in Miami

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Should LeBron play point guard for the Heat.

Wayne Ellington

NBA Draft Update: North Carolina, Memphis lose star underclassmen

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It was only one year ago, but given North Carolina's recent struggles, their '09 national championship seems like ancient history.


Truth of the Matter

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Call it a motivational tactic or simply of moment of brutal honesty, but Doc Rivers delivered what had to be a sobering blow for the Celtics yesterday: "One of the guys said, 'We're better than Orlando,' and I said, 'No, you're not.

where are they now?

Where Are They Now: Rafael Araujo

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I'll be honest, until real recently, I just haven't given the due credit deserved to both Andrea Bargnani and the Toronto Raptors for picking him up in 2006.


Do the Right Thing: The one Allen Iverson trade that makes sense

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Allow me to shed a silver lining of optimism on the Allen Iverson doomsday parade.

#Chris Paul

No “Answer” for Kevin Martin

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Allen Iverson made last night's Grizzlies/Kings game worth checking out from the beginning, but Kevin Martin made it worth staying until the end.

#LeBron James

Old-Fashioned Butt Cooking

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Breaking down the first-week performances of the serious 2010 title contenders, Spurs announcer Sean Elliott messed up his words and said the Lakers took an "old-fashioned butt cooking" from the Mavs on Friday night.


Shaq looks in the mirror, dunks on his reflection

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Nothing against LeBron and Josh Childress, but the unique selling point of last night's Cavs/Olympiakos (Greece) game was Shaq vs. "Baby Shaq." If you don't remember, Baby Shaq is Sofoklis Schortsanitis, the big (6-9, 300-something) Tractor Traylor-looking dude who once upon a time gave Team USA problems but has since turned into the Blazers-era Shawn Kemp of the Euroleague, as his weight is a constant issue and sometimes gets in the way of his considerable skills.

Sean May

The Grizzlies Are Counting Marcus Williams’ Calories

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Earlier this month, we told you how the Kings paid Sean May $100 large just to make a certain weight.

Sean May

Sacramento Kings Pay Sean May $100K to Exercise

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If your boss offered you a $100k to shed a few lbs.


Jazz/Nuggets open the preseason; replacement refs are on the job

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Today is a big day if you've been going through basketball withdrawal, as the first NBA preseason game tips off at 9 p.


Sacramento Kings ’09-10 NBA season preview

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NBA training camps are underway, meaning it's time again for Dime's team-by-team season previews.

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