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Mark Your Calendars, Season 5 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has A Premiere Date

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The fifth season of HBO's beloved 'Game of Thrones' begins on Sunday, April 12, followed by new episodes of 'Silicon Valley' and 'Veep.'


UPROXX Trivia: Are You Smart Enough To Be A Gentleman Spy Like ‘Archer’?

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Before you watch the Season 6 premiere of 'Archer' on FX, test your knowledge of the super spy series in our latest trivia challenge.


‘Mythbusters’ Will Take On ‘The Simpsons’ In Its Cartoonish Season Premiere

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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will test everything from cherry bombs to Homer's ability to stop a wrecking ball. Because cartoons are real.

#The League

A Painfully Lame Ranking Of Andre’s Douchiest Outfits From ‘The League’

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As Season 6 of 'The League' debuts tonight on FXX, we take some time to recognize the trainwreck that is Dr. Andre Nowzick's fashion sense.


There’s Only One Right Choice For The ‘SNL’ Season 40 Premiere Host

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The "SNL" season 40 premiere is less than a month away. Who's hosting?


Check Out These Brand New ‘Louie’ Season Four Promo Clips

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Check out these brand new promo clips for 'Louie season four to get into that mood for awkward hilarity.


‘Louie’ Is FINALLY Returning To FX On May 5 And He Has A Gift For You

By | 14 Comments

Louis CK's critically-acclaimed show 'Louie' is finally returning to FX on May 5, and we're getting a special gift for being so patient.


HBO Will Buck Tradition And Put The Season Premiere Of ‘Girls’ On YouTube For Free

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HBO will put the season premiere of 'Girls' on YouTube for all to see in an attempt to reach a new audience.

#Star Wars

‘Mythbusters’ Is Coming Back With A ‘Star Wars’ Themed Episode

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On January 4, 'Mythbusters' returns with a very special 'Star Wars' themed episode that will tackle your biggest, nerdiest questions.


‘Eastbound & Down’ Countdown: Kenny Powers Has A Message For All Of You Baseball Fans

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Kenny Powers has recorded some messages for all of the baseball fans out there, from New York to Los Angeles.


Here Are The First Two Clips From Sunday’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 Premiere

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Watch Kenny Powers deal with life after fame and glory in these two clips from the season 4 premiere of HBO's Eastbound & Down.


‘Eastbound & Down’ Countdown: Here’s A Collection Of Some Badass Kenny Powers Fan Art

By | 4 Comments

Proving what a beloved and hilarious character Kenny Powers is, here is a collection of some awesome Eastbound & Down fan art.


‘Eastbound & Down’ Countdown: The 25 Most Important GIFs From The First Three Seasons


With the premiere of season 4 approaching, here is a collection of some of the best Eastbound & Down GIFs that the Internet has to offer.


‘Eastbound & Down’ Countdown: Here’s A Recap Of The Season 4 Trailers And Teasers


With the fourth and final season debuting on Sunday, here's a quick recap of the Season 4 trailers for Eastbound & Down.


Here’s The First Look At Kristen Bell As Eagleton’s Leslie Knope On ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Airing on October 3, the second episode of Parks and Recreation's 6th season will feature Kristen Bell as Leslie Knope's new Eagleton rival.

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