Gary Payton Suspended From Fox Sports 1 Amid Assault Allegations

Hall-of-Fame point guard Gary Payton has been suspended from Fox Sports 1 amid allegations he assaulted a woman after an event in January.


Russell Wilson Wants To Help Bring The Sonics Back to Seattle

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson Tweeted yesterday that he'll do whatever he can to help bring NBA basketball back to Seattle.


Here’s The Story Of The Former NBA Prospect Turned Alleged Drug Addict With A Grenade Launcher


Robert Swift fell out of the NBA back in 2009 and managed to fall into a hard life of drugs and crime.

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Fear & Loathing in Seattle: Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am Helps a City Heal


When you walk into the Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University in Queen Anne, it doesn’t feel like a college arena.


Eddie Vedder Is Really Pissed That The Sacramento Kings Didn’t Move To Seattle


During a Pearl Jam show in Oklahoma City last week, Eddie Vedder had some choice, profane words for the fans of the Sacramento Kings.


Kevin Durant Has Some Advice For A Rebuilding Sixers Team

In England for the NBA Global Games taking place this week, Kevin Durant talked a little bit about what it was like as a rookie on the 2007-08 Seattle Supersonics (RIP) team that eventually moved to Oklahoma City that summer to become the Thunder.


The 10 Best Gary Payton/Shawn Kemp Alley-Oops


It was Kevin Garnett who once said Gary Payton threw the best lobs you'll ever see.


This Gary Payton Tribute Video May Cause Goosebumps


Gary Payton enters the Hall of Fame this weekend, and with his induction comes a special sense of pride in having watched one of the finest point guards in history play the game.


Gary Payton’s Top 10 NBA Plays


Hall-of-Fame Inductee Gary Payton was one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.

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Dime Q&A: Shawn Kemp On Classic Reebok Sneakers & Outplaying Michael Jordan

For those of us admittedly somewhat stuck in the '90s, Shawn Kemp's recent arrival at Rucker Park in Harlem for the finals of the Reebok EBC Entertainer's Classic was a welcome trip back in time.


The 10 Best Starting Lineup Introductions In NBA History

Pyrotechnics, theatrical montages, epileptic-light shows, aerial stunts, melodramatic music, there're a lot of histrionics that go into producing an epic NBA introduction sequence.


Macklemore And Detlef Schrempf Vs. Oklahoma City. Who Ya Got?


I'm not trying to write this much about Macklemore, stories just keep happening.


F**k You, Early 90s Rainstorms: The Shawn Kemp Umbrella Exists

From the creativity magicians at UNDRCRWN comes the REIGN UMBRELLA, an umbrella in the style of Seattle Supersonics great Shawn Kemp that protects you from rain, and, I'm assuming, reign.


Gary Payton is Going to the Hall of Fame: In Praise of The Glove


While the NBA's grand old gatekeepers take their time weighing the option of keeping the Sacramento Kings in California's capital versus relocating the franchise to Seattle, the strongest reason for my pro-Emerald City optimism is that the league ultimately will not escape Seattle's presence.


The NBA’s Top 10 Facial Dunks Of All Time


What makes NBA games so special and electrifying are the epic in-game dunks.

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