The Mayor Of Seattle Pardoned A ‘Tofurky’ For Thanksgiving, Of Course

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Can you think of anything more 'Seattle' than their mayor pardoning a meatless turkey for Thanksgiving? We can't!

tom morello

Seattle Restaurant: Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Is A ‘Prick’ For Expecting Special Treatment

By | 34 Comments

Tom Morello is none too pleased that his request for rock star treatment was denied at a very popular restaurant in Seattle.


Phoenix Jones Has Disbanded His Superhero League, As Rex Velvet Rejoices

By | 21 Comments

Phoenix Jones has ended his league of Seattle superheroes, revealing that it was a terrible idea to invite random people to fight crime.

worst criminal

Worst Employee Ever Uses Dozens Of Bomb Threats To Get Out Of Going To Work

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Call in with a fake cold? Nope. Call in with bomb threats to skip work.


A Seattle Burger Restaurant’s New Ad Features Jesus Smoking A Joint

By | 11 Comments

The LunchBox Laboratory burger restaurant in Seattle has raised eyebrows with a 4/20 Easter ad that features Jesus smoking a joint.


Two People Are Dead Following A News Helicopter Crash In Downtown Seattle


A news helicopter has crashed in the middle of downtown Seattle.


Rocket Fuel + Fireplace? Science Project Experiment Goes Awesomely Wrong For Seattle Teens


When science experiments go terribly wrong, but also oh so METAL.


Seattle’s Mayor Is Pissed That Other Mayors Are Reneging On Their NFL Bets

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has made his Super Bowl bet with Denver's Michael Hancock, but other mayors still haven't made good on their promises to Seattle.


A Woman Named Beautiful Existence Ate And Drank Nothing But Starbucks For 365 Days

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Starbucks biggest fan is a woman named Beautiful Existence, who ate and drank...wait, her name is Beautiful Existence?

yep its cthulhu

Something Massive And Unknown Has Been Found Lurking Under Seattle

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Yeah, Seattle, let's go poke an enormous object that can stop a five-story-tall drill cold with a stick. That will end well.


Google Glass Banned From Restaurant After Glasshole Tries To Get Employee Fired

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Another restaurant has banned Google Glass after an incident with a network engineer, with both sides publicly arguing on Facebook.

Your Daily Crazy

Seattle Thrift Shop Gets Two Pounds Of Marijuana Donated

By | 12 Comments

Some people work thankless jobs, flipping burgers or selling television warranties.


A Seattle Entrepreneur Will Help You Pretend To Be Homeless For Just $2,000

By | 8 Comments

Calling it a "Course in Applied Homelessness," a Seattle entrepreneur is offering people the chance to be homeless for just $2,000.


Amazon Is Changing The Way Seattle Looks

By | 5 Comments

Amazon is building a new headquarters in Seattle, and revitalizing a dying neighborhood. But their new headquarters still looks like balls.


Seattle Cops Handed Out 1,000 Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

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In an effort to spread awareness about Washington's marijuana laws, Seattle police handed out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at Hempfest this weekend.

The Police Blotter

Drunk Driver Crashes A House Party, Gets Beat Up By Other Drunks

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A man suspected of drunk driving <a href="http://www.seattlepi.com/local/komo/article/Alleged-drunken-driver-beaten-after-crashing-into-4667454.php">got his a** kicked</a> by other drunks for crashing their party, literally.

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