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Phoenix Jones Has Disbanded His Superhero League, As Rex Velvet Rejoices

By | 21 Comments

Phoenix Jones has ended his league of Seattle superheroes, revealing that it was a terrible idea to invite random people to fight crime.


A Seattle Burger Restaurant’s New Ad Features Jesus Smoking A Joint

By | 11 Comments

The LunchBox Laboratory burger restaurant in Seattle has raised eyebrows with a 4/20 Easter ad that features Jesus smoking a joint.

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Two People Are Dead Following A News Helicopter Crash In Downtown Seattle


A news helicopter has crashed in the middle of downtown Seattle.


Seattle’s Mayor Is Pissed That Other Mayors Are Reneging On Their NFL Bets

By | 6 Comments

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has made his Super Bowl bet with Denver's Michael Hancock, but other mayors still haven't made good on their promises to Seattle.


A Woman Named Beautiful Existence Ate And Drank Nothing But Starbucks For 365 Days

By | 6 Comments

Starbucks biggest fan is a woman named Beautiful Existence, who ate and drank...wait, her name is Beautiful Existence?


Something Massive And Unknown Has Been Found Lurking Under Seattle

By | 25 Comments

Yeah, Seattle, let's go poke an enormous object that can stop a five-story-tall drill cold with a stick. That will end well.


Google Glass Banned From Restaurant After Glasshole Tries To Get Employee Fired

By | 39 Comments

Another restaurant has banned Google Glass after an incident with a network engineer, with both sides publicly arguing on Facebook.


Seattle Thrift Shop Gets Two Pounds Of Marijuana Donated

By | 12 Comments

Some people work thankless jobs, flipping burgers or selling television warranties.

fantasy camp

A Seattle Entrepreneur Will Help You Pretend To Be Homeless For Just $2,000

By | 8 Comments

Calling it a "Course in Applied Homelessness," a Seattle entrepreneur is offering people the chance to be homeless for just $2,000.


Amazon Is Changing The Way Seattle Looks

By | 5 Comments

Amazon is building a new headquarters in Seattle, and revitalizing a dying neighborhood. But their new headquarters still looks like balls.


Seattle Cops Handed Out 1,000 Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

By | 8 Comments

In an effort to spread awareness about Washington's marijuana laws, Seattle police handed out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at Hempfest this weekend.


Drunk Driver Crashes A House Party, Gets Beat Up By Other Drunks

By | 9 Comments

A man suspected of drunk driving <a href="">got his a** kicked</a> by other drunks for crashing their party, literally.


Sacramento Keeps The Kings And It Only Cost A Record $530M

By | 30 Comments

The tumultuous marriage between the city of Sacramento and the vagabond Kings franchise - a team that has called Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City home - is finally getting ironed out.


Macklemore And Detlef Schrempf Vs. Oklahoma City. Who Ya Got?

By | 4 Comments

I'm not trying to write this much about Macklemore, stories just keep happening.

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