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Seattle Thrift Shop Gets Two Pounds Of Marijuana Donated

By | 12 Comments

Some people work thankless jobs, flipping burgers or selling television warranties.


A Seattle Entrepreneur Will Help You Pretend To Be Homeless For Just $2,000

By | 8 Comments

Calling it a "Course in Applied Homelessness," a Seattle entrepreneur is offering people the chance to be homeless for just $2,000.


Amazon Is Changing The Way Seattle Looks

By | 5 Comments

Amazon is building a new headquarters in Seattle, and revitalizing a dying neighborhood. But their new headquarters still looks like balls.


Seattle Cops Handed Out 1,000 Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

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In an effort to spread awareness about Washington's marijuana laws, Seattle police handed out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at Hempfest this weekend.

The Police Blotter

Drunk Driver Crashes A House Party, Gets Beat Up By Other Drunks

By | 9 Comments

A man suspected of drunk driving got his a** kicked by other drunks for crashing their party, literally.


Sacramento Keeps The Kings And It Only Cost A Record $530M

By | 30 Comments

The tumultuous marriage between the city of Sacramento and the vagabond Kings franchise - a team that has called Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City home - is finally getting ironed out.


Macklemore And Detlef Schrempf Vs. Oklahoma City. Who Ya Got?

By | 4 Comments

I'm not trying to write this much about Macklemore, stories just keep happening.


Good News, Seattle Bus Riders: You Can Now Recover Lost Marijuana

By | 6 Comments

Seattle bus riders and marijuana enthusiasts will scream "nice.


Gary Payton is Going to the Hall of Fame: In Praise of The Glove

By | 2 Comments

While the NBA's grand old gatekeepers take their time weighing the option of keeping the Sacramento Kings in California's capital versus relocating the franchise to Seattle, the strongest reason for my pro-Emerald City optimism is that the league ultimately will not escape Seattle's presence.

somewhat premature

Seattle Bar Bans Google Glass Before Its Even Available To The Public


Google Glass is banned from a Seattle dive bar. Mostly for reasons of taste.

#Justin Bieber

Here’s What’ll Keep The Kings In Sacramento: ‘Hey Kings Stay Kings! (My Balls)’


Worried about the Sacramento Kings and their impending move to Seattle.


Bad News, Seattle Criminals And Violent Bros: Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting

By | 13 Comments

As a mixed martial arts fighter, Ben Fodor knows a thing or two about being invincible, what with his whole 11-0 career record.


Naked Washington Man Evades Police


Seattle police have arrested a man accused of knocking a young brother and sister to the ground at a park, then stripping off his clothes and jumping naked into a nearby lake where he eluded police boats and divers for more than two hours.

#music videos

Macklemore: Thrift Shop


Seattle rapper Ben "Macklemore" Haggerty celebrates thrifty shopping in the video for his catchy (and aptly-named) new single, "Thrift Shop.


Finally, Some Good News: Make-A-Wish Kid Captures Supervillain Rex Velvet

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12-year-old Colby, AKA Special Agent C, celebrates his odds-beating birthday with a Make-A-Wish superhero mission to capture Rex Velvet.


Our 20 Favorite Works From The 'Rayguns and Robots!' Sci-Fi Art Show


"MST3K Attacks" by Chet Phillips James Monosmith’s Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle premiered the "Rayguns and Robots.


"Real-Life Superhero" Phoenix Jones spawns "Real-Life Supervillain" Rex Velvet

By | 22 Comments

We first met Seattle's "real-life superhero" Phoenix Jones last October when he tried towho's also known as amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor, had a story that paralleled HBO's documentary, Superheroes, about similar, self-appointed superheroes.


Seattle Would Really Like To Host A Super Bowl, Please And Thank You

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Of all the ideas that ESPN “Listen to me about everything” guru Bill Simmons has had, the one that has always made the most sense is that the Super Bowl should be hosted on a rotating basis with just cities like Miami, San Diego and New Orleans receiving the honor, because those are fun cities.


Man Arrested For Filming Volleyball Slumber Party, Was Not Wearing With Leather Shirt

By | 6 Comments

What started as a simple case of a pervert trying to get his freak on has turned into a life-ruining experience for one Seattle husband.

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