If You Are Using An Apple Product, You Might Want To Update Your Security Immediately

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A security fault is causing Apple a headache and putting encrypted user data at risk.


Don’t Worry About Security At The Sochi Olympics! Steven Seagal Is On The Case.

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Master of the front kick, honorary law man, musician and spiritual guru Steven Seagal appeared on Russia Today to address the security at the Sochi Olympics


SHOCK: The United States Government Is Terrible At Cybersecurity

By | 2 Comments

Did you update your software just now? You literally have better cybersecurity than some departments of the United States government.


LinkedIn's Intro Email Plugin Is A Security Disaster

By | 3 Comments

LinkedIn has introduced Intro, so named because it will introduce people who send you email. And also introduce more hacking to your life.


The NSA Can Get Around Most Web Encryption Because Of Course It Can

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The NSA has the decryption tools for pretty much any basic kind of web security. Because of course they do.


Look Out, Naked Weirdos: Philadelphia Eagles Security Is Practicing Streaker Drills


I know this kinda looks like somebody playing Electric Football, but it's actually Philadelphia Eagles security holding "streaker drills," to help them practice for those unexpected moments when dudes (or ladies) get brave and decide to storm the field.

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Your Old Cellphone Can Be Used To Jam Communications As Far As 75 Miles Away

By | 5 Comments

Remember "feature phones?" They can be turned into highly effective cellphone jammers.


Facebook Ignored A Security Hole, So A Hacker Went Nuts On Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall

By | 10 Comments

Facebook wouldn't listen to a hacker who found a serious security flaw. So he found an... innovative way of getting the company's attention.


Hooray For Technology! The Lightbulbs In Your Home Can Be Hacked Now.

By | 10 Comments

A simple hack of the Philips Hue bulb means lights out when visiting the wrong site. But that is just the tip of a dangerous iceberg.


Edward Snowden: It’s Not Just The NSA Reading Your Email

By | 3 Comments

Edward Snowden reveals that, yeah, everybody's reading your email.


Cybersecurity Expert Fears The US Is Starting A Cyber War

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Bruce Schneier is one of the foremost experts on computer security. So if he's worried about a new cyberspace arms race, we should probably listen.


So Your iPhone Can Be Hacked Through Your Charger Now

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Thought your iPhone was secure? Think again.


Quantum Internet Is Real And The U.S. Government Is Using It

By | 11 Comments

Quantum internet, a perfectly secure communications method, was science fiction... until two years ago, apparently.

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How Email Stupidity Took Down The Director Of The CIA

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Apparently being a highly trained and decorated member of the military and head of the CIA means you'll still give your email password to your mistress.


Bulgarian Privacy Activist Buys A Million Facebook IDs For A Sandwich, Essentially

By | 3 Comments

You're worth a thousandth of a penny, according to the guys selling the Facebook data you freely give away.


Twitter Has Ridiculously Stupid Security Flaw

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Twitter apparently does not believe anybody tries the brute force attack anymore. Also, people vote on sensible policy ideas! And unicorns are real!


Your Mom Has Probably Given Best Buy Her Email Password


<a href=""></a>Best Buy has not exactly been on a streak of late.

bo xilai

Chinese Security Thinks It’s Anonymous, Hacks A Website It Hates


<a href=""></a>The Chinese government really hates the Internet, for all sorts of reasons.


Boeing To Make Super-Secure Android Phone Because Why Not?


Generally we don't associate Boeing with phones.


EA Fixes FIFA 2012 After Nearly Six Months of Hacking


Back in October, we started <a href="">covering the Microsoft/FIFA hacking scandal</a>.

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