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Bette Midler Is Performing At The Oscars For The First Time Ever


While it isn't known what she'll be singing, Better Midler is performing at the Academy Awards for the first time in her career.


‘Leftover Swap’ Will Allow People In San Francisco To Trade Or Buy Unwanted Food Items


A new app called Leftover Swap is giving people in San Francisco the choice to trade or sell their extra or unwanted food items.

Unsilent Majority

Jimmy’s Been Watching You. Jimmy Wants To Make You Rich. You’re Just Jimmy’s Type.


Jimmy Johnson owns two Super Bowl rings, which he won while the head football coach with the Dallas Cowboys.

Unsilent Majority

‘Jerry, we’re all at the same skill level’


You probably remember Michael Westbrook as the guy who caught* Kordell Stewart's most famous pass, as the guy who beat the shit out of Stephen Davis for questioning his sexuality, or for being yet another first round flame-out for the Washington Redskins, but after this I'll always remember him as the guy who competes in martial arts against pint-sized opposition.

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