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‘The Ring’ Gets A ‘Seinfeld’ Makeover


Turns out The Ring wasn't such a scary movie after all.


12 Great TV Shows That Had Lame First Seasons

By | 113 Comments

Some great television shows started out not-so-great. Here are 12 of them you may know and love.

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Reminder: The Library Cop Scene Is The Best ‘Seinfeld’ Scene

By | 25 Comments

A brief reminder that the four-minute "Seinfeld" scene featuring Jerry and the library cop, Mr. Bookman, is as funny as television gets.


Watch A Local Sports Anchor Drop 41 ‘Seinfeld’ References In This ‘Seinfeldcast’

By | 12 Comments

Adam Lefkoe, the guy who did this "Seinfeld" tribute, also dropped 31 wrestlers references in a recent broadcast. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


‘Seinfeld’s Fake Movies Have Been Turned Into Posters

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"Rochelle, Rochelle" and "Chunnel" from "Seinfeld" have FINALLY been turned into posters.

Jerry Seinfeld To Howard Stern: ‘If I Wasn’t Angry I Would Be So Bored’

By | 17 Comments

Why Howard Stern does anything except interviews I'll never understand.

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Jeff Garlin Goes Full Costanza, Gets Arrested After Dispute Over Parking Space

By | 10 Comments

Sometimes when life imitates art, it involves bashing the windows out of someone else's car.


Here's A Composite Of All Of Jerry's Girlfriends On 'Seinfeld'

By | 14 Comments

It's as real and fabulously diluted as you hoped.


15 Incredibly Fun Examples Of Celebrity Paradoxes On Television

By | 78 Comments

Fun examples of celebrity paradoxes, where one character refers to a character played by the same actor in a different universe.


Nightmare Fuel Validated: The Veep Mascot Is A Guest Racing President

By | 2 Comments

Out of context, that's the most "Yahoo Serious Festival" headline I've ever written.




Is it possible that <a href="">Jerry Seinfeld</a> is even funnier in slow motion.

Wale To Collaborate With MC Jerry Seinfeld On New Album

By | 8 Comments

Rapper Wale will work with Jerry Seinfeld, who's wife is a big fan, on his next album.


Reader Appreciation: Five Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers

By | 57 Comments

Tywin Lanniser reads '50 Shades of Grey' Unser on 'Seinfeld,' and more finds from the UPROXX readership.

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Some Girl We Now Have A Huge Crush On Designed A George Costanza Dress

By | 7 Comments

We kind of love -- no, check that, we do love -- the girl who made this Costanza dress. Even better, the proceeds of the sales are going to a good cause.

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What Are The 100 Best Sitcom Episodes Of All Time?

By | 79 Comments

Robert D. Sullivan's massive project: Ranking the Best 100 sitcom episodes of all time.


10 ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Episodes We’d Set Our DVRs For

By | 30 Comments

In the world I want to live in Curb's quasi-reunion show was about George poisoning his girlfriend with gluten.


Game of Thrones: Seinfeld Edition (Episode 2)


A few audio tweaks turn <a href="">Game of Thrones</a> into a much funnier show (about nothing).

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