This Is What Happens When Mother Nature Photobombs Your Selfie

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This couple got photobombed by a pretty explosive lightning strike and lived to share it on the Internet.

Yellow Jacket

Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #14

By | 11 Comments

We still have our eyes on the multitude of technology that comes out often.


Here’s A Globe Trotting, 360 Degree, 3 Year Epic Selfie To Bolster Your Inadequacies

By | 5 Comments

Watch as one man travels the globe for three years to create one epic revolving selfie.

youtube money

The Train Selfie Kid Who Got Kicked In The Head Is Poised To Make A Bunch Of Money

By | 16 Comments

That kid who got kicked in the head by a train engineer in Peru is about to make a lot of money.


The Teen Who Got Kicked In The Head While Taking A Train Selfie Swears It’s Not A Hoax

By | 3 Comments

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, everything is a hoax. This kid that got a kick to the dome tells us it wasn't.


Colin Powell Has Been Taking Selfies Way Before We Knew They Weren’t Cool

By | 3 Comments

Colin Powell beat everyone to selfies by posting this selfie from 60 years ago. Look at that vest. Nailed it.


So It's Come To This: The Kalamazoo Growlers Are Wearing Jerseys Made Entirely Out Of Selfies

By | 8 Comments

The Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods League are reaching new lows with a SALUTE TO SELFIES night and jerseys covered in fan selfies.


The LEGO Version Of Ellen’s Selfie Will Haunt Your Dreams

By | 7 Comments

Look at this LEGO version of Ellen's Oscar selfie. Then look away. Then look again.


'The Simpsons' Take On Ellen's Epic Oscars Selfie

By | 8 Comments

'The Simpsons' takes on Ellen's Oscar selfie and makes it even more glorious while showing us what we missed. Look at Kevin Spacey!


President Obama, Bill Nye, And Neil DeGrasse Tyson All Pose In One Epic Selfie

By | 6 Comments

President Obama, Bill Nye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson took time out of their busy day to take one unbelievable selfie.


This Selfie Taken Minutes After A Plane Crash May Forever Change The Way You Think About Selfies

By | 3 Comments

There are most certainly better ways to take the lead for most epic selfie of 2014 thus far.


Watch Martha Stewart And David Letterman Prove That Some People Shouldn’t Take Selfies

By | 2 Comments

Martha Stewart was on "The Late Show" where she attempted to take a selfie with Dave. And Jesus wept.


A Mad Internet Genius Made A Website That Automatically Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face On Instagram Selfies


It's like the movie FACE/OFF, except John Travolta's role is played by all the world's narcissists.


Shut It Down, Society: The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is… Selfie

By | 5 Comments

The act of taking a picture of yourself for all the Internet to mock is now being celebrated, as 'selfie' has been named the 2013 Word of the Year.


Oxford University Press Names #Selfie Its Word of the Year

By | 7 Comments

"Selfie" is word of the year and <a href="">"twerk" is not</a>.

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