The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Inspired This Adorable Imitation To Help Animals


The best part about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge imitation is that you don't have to dump freezing water on yourself to participate.


George R.R. Martin Hates Selfies Even More Than You Do

By | 4 Comments

George R.R. Martin has had it UP TO HERE with selfies.


Kim Kardashian Is Publishing A Coffee-Table Book Of Selfies, Because Everything Is Awful

By | 24 Comments

Oh look, a horrible person is publishing a horrible book. You're welcome, America.


This Guy Spotted ‘Steve Jobs’ Alive In Brazil, And Of Course He Captured The Moment With A Selfie

By | 15 Comments

A traveler in Rio de Janeiro snapped this photo of a man who looks a lot like Steve Jobs.


A Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Posing For A Facebook Selfie

By | 11 Comments

This is why you don't play with guns. Or take selfies.


Oh Nothing, Just The Queen Photobombing A Selfie At The Commonwealth Games

By | 8 Comments

The stars of the Commonwealth Games are two Australian field hockey players who snapped an unbelievable selfie with the Queen behind them.


The Teen Who Took A Smiling Concentration Camp Selfie Regrets Nothing

By | 28 Comments

The Alabama teen who took a smiling selfie in a concentration camp doesn't think she did anything wrong.


A British Teen’s Selfie Video Documented Her Six-And-A-Half Year Battle With A Hair Pulling Disorder

By | 4 Comments

A young woman, now twenty-one, has been documenting her struggle with trichotillomania since 2007.


Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love Were Taking Selfies Long Before It Was Cool

By | 4 Comments

Kurt and Courtney are peak cool, therefore selfies used to be cool.


Carl Reiner And Conan Have Created The #Selfishie And They Want You To Create More

By | 2 Comments

Carl Reiner loves technology and social media, so much that he's using Conan to create his own twist on the selfie.


Randy Orton Got Pulled Over FROM OUTTA NOWHERE By The Florida State Highway Patrol Today

By | 44 Comments

WWE'S Randy Orton was pulled over by police today and the reason why will shock you. (It's actually a pretty boring reason.)


Teenager Snaps Smiling Selfie At Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Responds To Backlash With ‘I’m Famous Yall’

By | 97 Comments

Breanna Mitchell tweeted a smiling selfie from the Auschwitz concentration camp, and is basking in the controversy the photo has caused.


We’ve Never Wished Anything Was Real As Much As This Peter Dinklage-Grumpy Cat Selfie

By | 3 Comments

Why can't you be real, Peter Dinklage-Grumpy Cat selfie? WHY? *shakes fists at the sky*


Elderly Couple Flip Their Car In The Middle Of Street, Immediately Pose For World’s Most Adorable Photos

By | 14 Comments

An elderly couple rolled their car in the middle of a California street, then posed for the cutest pictures ever.


Susan Sarandon And Geena Davis Reunited For A ‘Thelma & Louise’ Selfie

By | 15 Comments

Twenty-three years later, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis got together to remind us that they had the original selfie in 'Thelma & Louise.'


And What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s First Selfie?

By | 3 Comments

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, are on vacation in Greece, and she shared his first ever selfie on Instagram.

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