‘Dredd 2′ Probably Won’t Happen, According To Screenwriter Alex Garland

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'Dredd 2' has fallen victim to Judge Death, according to its screenwriter, Alex Garland.

john waters

John Waters Is Remaking ‘Pink Flamingos’ As A Trashy Kid-Friendly Movie


John Waters has gone and remade one his trashiest classics, 'Pink Flamingos,' as a straight up children's movie.


Mark Wahlberg Just Admitted ‘Transformers 5′ Is On The Way

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Yes, there will be a fifth Transformers movie, as confirmed by Mark Wahlberg. Why? Because the rest of the world has no taste.


Tim Burton Says ‘Beetlejuice 2′ Is Definitely A Go, With Winona Ryder Returning

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BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! BEETLEJUICE! (*paycheck magically appears*)


Disney: We’re Doing Another ‘Indiana Jones,’ But No Rush

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Disney currently has no time for love with Doctor Jones, but it'll happen eventually.

hot tub time machine 2

The Future’s Looking Bleak In The New Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′

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Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson wind up in the future in the new trailer for 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2.'

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn Drops A Few Hints About ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2′

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2' will have a different plot from the first one... and the Xandarians may turn out to be the bad guys.


Some Fan-Favorite Characters Will Appear In ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′

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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2' is getting a new director and some characters missing from the first movie.


A New Godzilla Movie From Toho Will Release Before The American Sequel

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Toho released the first 'Godzilla' in 1954, and their 29th Godzilla film will compete with the American sequel. LET THEM FIGHT.

independence day

Here’s Why Fox Doesn’t Want To Film The ‘Independence Day’ Sequels Back-To-Back

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Fox and the filmmakers behind 'Independence Day' don't want to shoot any sequels back-to-back and they have a very good reason.


Pauly Shore Wants Your Help To Make ‘Encino Man 2′

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Inspired by the box office success of 'Dumb And Dumber To,' the comedian and actor wants to make money playing a version of himself again.

Prometheus 2

‘Prometheus 2′ Will Feature A Whole New Type Of Alien

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'Prometheus 2' is apparently going to try and top the Xenomorph... while being totally different from it.


‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ Combines Nazis And Dinosaurs

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Nazis, who are lizard people, ride dinosaurs in the sequel to the best movie about Nazis on the moon ever made.

batman and robin

Joel Schumacher Is Rumored To Be Writing A Sequel To ‘Batman And Robin’

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Joel Schumacher is returning to his Batman movies, and through the last route you'd expect.


Greta Gerwig Will Play A Grown Up Dawn Wiener In A Sort Of Sequel To ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’

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Greta Gerwig is set to play a grown-up Dawn Wiener, which makes sense in some alternate universe.


‘The Look Of Silence’ Trailer Is Here And Obviously It’s Perfect

By | 16 Comments

The 'Act of Killing''s sequel has a trailer that's more meaningful than anything any of us did today.

pacific rim

Double Event! Get Ready For Not One, But Two ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequels.

By | 11 Comments

Guillermo del Toro talked about his plans for 'Pacific Rim 2', revealed there's a 'Pacific Rim 3' already drifting our way.

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