Tempers Briefly Flare Before USA Routs Serbia For The Gold Medal


While he didn't make a move like he was about to pummel him, DeMarcus Cousins mistakenly instigated a brief kerfuffle in the third quarter in the gold medal game today.


Watch James Harden Get Led Astray On Defense Again

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It's tough handling the spotlight when you're the cornerstone of a franchise like Rockets shooting guard James Harden.


Video: Derrick Rose Touch Pass For The Two-Handed Kenneth Faried Flush


USA Basketball is running a three-point shooting clinic in their gold medal game against Serbia this Sunday afternoon.


Serbia Holds Off France In FIBA Semifinal With Help Of Insane Crunch-Time Basket


Nicolas Batum was cooking, France was raining three-pointers, and Serbia was losing their game-long stranglehold on the chance to play Team USA for World Cup gold.

Zoran Dragic

Watch Marc Gasol Sidearm A Full-Court Assist As Spain Blows Out Serbia In EuroBasket 2013


The FIBA EuroBasket 2013 is winding down, and two-time defending champion Spain seems to be hitting their highwater mark at just the right time.


Let’s Get Hyped As Balls For The Return Of The World Testicle Cooking Championship

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First of all, big ups to Getty Images for having 38 pages of "testicle" options.

serbian raves

We Want To Party At A Serbian Rave With This Cool Serbian Rave Guy

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Serbian rave guy is the coolest of all the rave guys. Dude just owns. Accept it.


Drunk Man Tries to Climb Bridge, Falls Asleep Halfway Up


Here's raw footage of firemen rescuing 28-year-old Ivan Tolvich, a Serbian man who attempted to climb a bridge while drunk and passed out on a steel girder 23 feet off the ground.


Enjoy This Ana Ivanovic Photoshoot Before She’s Murdered By ’70s Cannibals

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By way of our friends at Guyism comes this gorgeous photoshoot of Serbian beauty and former world tennis number one Ana Ivanovic, a great change of pace from the busty blondes of debatable weight and nipple-and-lollipops mistresses we normally feature.


That time Nic Cage was on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook

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I'm pretty proud to have Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on my college diploma, but if only I'd gone to junior high in Serbia, I could've had Nic Cage's face on my biology book.

#Star Wars

Spock Is Not Impressed With These Links


Meme Watch: Spock is not impressed [Uproxx] Frotcast 58: Songs of Summer, Search for the Worst Trailer, Cowboys & Aliens [Filmdrunk] 10 Hanna-Barbera Shows Worse Than The Smurfs [WarmingGlow] Seattle Mariners' Losing Streak as Told by Sad Dogs [WithLeather] The Best of #SeƱor Chang [...].



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If you've seen the not-quite-annoying ads on ESPN featuring (in order) Bill Simmons, the Celtics, Notre Dame, Mike Golic, and "Serbian table tennis sensation Biba Golic," you probably thought, Biba Golic.

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