Browncoats Rejoice! The Cast Of ‘Firefly’ Reunite, And There Will Be Misbehavin’

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The cast of 'Firefly' will all be back for an serene online game experience.


All Hail The Queen: 6 Times Summer Glau Was Nerd Royalty

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All hail birthday girl Summer Glau, the Queen of the Nerds.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘All Cheerleaders Must Die’, ‘Transcendence’

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What's new on Netflix and streaming: July 24th, 2014. Johnny Depp wants you to stop all the downloadin' in 'Transcendence.'


Let’s Take A Look At Some Joss Whedon Favorites Who’ve Appeared In Multiple Joss Whedon Shows

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If you've seen a Joss Whedon actor in one project, you've probably seen him or her in every Joss Whedon project.


Dark Horse Relaunching ‘Serenity’, Just Can’t Stop That Signal

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Last Friday marked the 11th anniversary of Joss Whedon's 'Firefly', and Dark Horse has announced a new series of 'Serenity' comic books.


Serenity Now: ‘Firefly’ Fans Making Jayne Hats Get Cease And Desist Orders (Plus A Cosplay Gallery)

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'Firefly' fans on Etsy are getting cease and desist letters for making Jayne hats. We send off the homemade Jayne hat with song (and cosplay pictures).


Firefly Fans Can Download Adam Warrock’s The Browncoats Mixtape For Free


Want a free fifteen track Firefly-themed album by the Internet's foremost comic book rapper.

what could be

No, Alan Tudyk Did Not Confirm a Firefly Sequel


We love "Firefly" too, and we want a (filmed) sequel as badly as, well, pretty much everybody except the people who actually have to pay for it.


Be A Big Hero With Cool 'Firefly' Gear — 8 Awesome Gifts For Browncoats


"Firefly" is the show that is just too pretty to die.


Nerdcore Rapper Adam Warrock Targets Firefly With The Browncoats Mixtape


Former attorney turned MC Adam Warrock has been making waves the past year and a half with a prodigious amount of nerdcore rap including "The West Coast Avengers Mixtape" (free here), "The War for Infinity," the "Oni Press Mixtape" (free here) and "The New Warriors Mixtape" as well as a host of singles about "Doctor Who," Ira Glass and other nerd favorites.

#Weird Al Yankovic

Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of ElfQuest cosplayers.


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.


Restore Joss Whedon

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You've probably already heard of the website to make Stephen Baldwin rich again, RestoreStephenBaldwin.



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This sweet little piece of fight choreography is the rehearsal for the Serenity Maidenhead Bar Fight scene.

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