Amazon’s New Indie Games Shop: The Five Best Deals


Amazon is rolling out a new indie games shop... and they've got plenty of deals to celebrate.


“Serious Sam 3″: The Review

Recently, I got into an argument with a friend of mine over first-person shooters.

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Serious Sam 3 Has…An Anti-Piracy Scorpion?

UPDATE: This is, according to Croteam, 100% legit.

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Serious Sam 3: Screens and Art

We've had the exclusive trailer, we've had a great interview with the CEO, Roman Ribaric, and now, we have for you on the eve of the game hitting PCs, a slideshow of art and preview screens.

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Serious Sam 3: An Interview with Croteam’s Roman Ribaric

On the heels of debuting the new trailer for "Serious Sam 3", we also had a short interview with developer Croteam's CEO, Roman Ribaric.

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EXCLUSIVE: Serious Sam 3: “Blood and Guts” Trailer

We here at Gamma Squad are really looking forward to "Serious Sam 3", if for no other reason than being able to blast aliens with a straight up cannon has been lacking in video games for a while (does MW3 let you run around with a cannon.

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