A GIF Reaction To The Preacher Who Accused ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Of Promoting Bestiality

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Here is our GIF reaction to the radio show preacher who accused 'Star Trek Into Darkness' of promoting bestiality.


Step Aside ‘Pacific Rim’, The Trailer For ‘Atlantic Rim’ Is Here To Punch Our Monster

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Here's the first trailer for mockbuster 'Atlantic Rim', not to be confused with 'Pacific Rim' even though they have the same plot. The dialogue is amazing.


‘Iron Man 3′ Going Smell-O-Vision In Japan

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'Iron Man 3' is going to be the first film screened in "4D" in Japan. Mmmm, smell the unbridled capitalism.

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Universal Is Still Serious About That ‘Van Helsing’ Reboot

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Universal chairman Adam Fogelsen talks about the future of Universal, and it involves a reboot of 2004's 'Van Helsing' because of course it would.

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Warner Is Serious About That ‘Spy Hunter’ Adaptation


Warner has hired a writer for their adaptation 1983 video game 'Spy Hunter', the game with the oil slicks and earworm music.

why god why?

Fox Is Fast And Furiously Rebooting ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker. No, Really.

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Only five years after Timothy Olyphantastic played 'Hitman', Fox is rebooting it with Paul Walker. This is real. This is an idea someone had.

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Stupid Missouri Bill Aims To Tax Violent Video Games Like ‘The Sims 3′

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To fight the nonexistent scourge of video game induced violence, Representative Diane Franklin (R, MO) introduced a bill to tax "violent" video games. But wait, it gets even sillier.


Connecticut Town Plans A Good Old-Fashioned Video Game Burning. We React With GIFs.

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Later this month, a town in Connecticut about 30 miles from Newtown will offer cash for "violent" video games, music, and movies, which will then be burned.

why god why?

Of Course There’s Going To Be An Angry Birds Movie

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With all of the Angry Birds spin-off products and ridiculous properties made into movies it shouldn't surprise us that an Angry Birds movie is in the works.


Tony Harris Said Some Things, And Now We Have ‘Cosplay Appreciation Day’ In Response

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Comic book artist Tony Harris posted a rant on Facebook about female cosplayers, sparking Cosplay Appreciation Day in the backlash.


Movies Based On Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, And Action Man Just Got Financed

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Hasbro has signed a deal with Emmett/Furla Films to produce movies based on Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, and Action Man. So we have parody posters.

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The ‘Zombieland’ Guy Signs To Do A ‘Spy Hunter’ Movie

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Vulture reports Ruben Fleischer ('Gangster Squad', 'Zombieland') has signed with Warner to adapt the 1983 Bally Midway video game 'Spy Hunter'.


The Lady Who Destroyed The Jesus Fresco Now Wants To Get Paid? Sounds Like A Good Time For Memes.

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The old lady who destroyed the 'Ecce Homo' Jesus fresco now wants part of the money donated to the Church. We respond with funny photoshops.


The 15 Funniest Fake Amazon Reviews Of Bic’s Pens 'For Her'

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Some cheeky Amazon UK customers have posted hilarious fake reviews of Bic's "For Her" ink pens. We've gathered our favorite 15 reviews here.


SNIKT! Wannabe Wolverine Allegedly Attacks Best Friend For Allegedly Doing His Mom

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Wolverine claws, best friends fighting over the hotness of a mom, the mom trying to break up the fight, Utah... this story has everything!


So It Begins: Police Arrest Real-Life Superhero Over Aurora Fears

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A New Jersey man who likens himself a real-life superhero was arrested last Tuesday after allegedly approaching people in a Home Depot parking lot and saying, "Anyone need some help.


Today’s WTF Gadget Makes The Shake Weight Commercial Look Tame By Comparison


The commercial for Ace Power may be even more uncomfortable to watch with your parents than the Shake Weight ad. You win this round, Korea.


Tyrannosauraus Sex: Scientists Figure Out How Dinosaurs Did It

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How dinosaur sex worked has been speculated upon in science circles. Circles found in dark, smoke-filled rooms where dignity goes to die.


Louisiana Schools Getting Public Funding Claim The Loch Ness Monster Is Real And Proves Creationism

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Did you know that the totally proven* existence of the Loch Ness Monster Dinosaur means creationism is true and evolution is fake forever.


Feminist Frequency Kickstarter On Video Games Enrages Trolls, Makes Mad Cash

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Earlier this week, Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6,000 for a series of free videos about "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games".

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