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The Wii U Is Apparently A Huge Scam To Sell You USB Hard Drives

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Seagate designed the Wii U, Nintendo. Just admit it.

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Bethesda To PS3 Users: Eat It, Chumps

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Want to play Dawnguard? On PS3? Bethesda has some bad news for you.


Why Do PS3s Now Have An RTFM Warning On Boot-Up?

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If you're like me, you saw yet another firmware update for your PS3, and if you're like me, you updated, grumbling all the way about another damn update for a chunk of hardware, the PS Vita, you were never going to buy and this was annoying and we'd better get some features that don't suck out of this.


Chuck Norris + World of Warcraft = Old Meme


This ad might as well feature a Tauren getting on some water-skis, because this has to be WoW's shark-jumping moment.


Angry Birds Has Sold HOW Many Copies?!?!

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/angry-birds-jason-lee-550x368.jpg"></a>You know, physics/artillery puzzlers have been around almost as long as games have had semi-realistic physics.


Of Course They’re Making a Steve Jobs Movie


In the long tradition of Hollywood faced with the passing of an icon, the feeding frenzy to exploit it started before the coffin hit the dirt.


Tech Media Fails To Realize Nobody Cares That Tim Cook’s Gay


The big story in tech last week was Tim Cook, interim CEO of Apple, becoming the permanent CEO of Apple as Steve Jobs stepped aside.

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Government's $3000 Walkie-Talkie Can Be Jammed By A $30 Toy


Project 25 is an attempt by the government to have police, firemen, military units and any other public safety personnel dispatched during a crisis all on the same frequency to allow for easier communication.


Screwing With Somebody's Facebook Is Identity Theft Now, Apparently


Let us ask you a question: Is posting the following on somebody's Facebook wall worthy of jail time.

united arab emirates

Roleplaying Gets You Arrested In Abu Dhabi?


Admittedly, they were not your typical LARPers (Live action role player): they were three men in military fatigues, masks, and bulletproof vests.


NATO Vs…Anonymous?


Today, NATO confirmed that it's <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2011/06/france-bans-words-facebook-and-twitter-from-tv-and-radio-bradley-cooper-to-blame/">not just the French who are ridiculous and out of touch when it comes to the Internet</a> by issuing a report about cyberterrorism stating that a bunch of bored teenagers and a website that publishes secret documents are terrorists.


They’re Not Actually Trying to Make an “Inhumans” Movie?


The Inhumans are insane as only Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the '60s could be.

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