Seth MacFarlane Missed His 9/11 Flight And 5 Other Things You May Not Know About The ‘Family Guy’ Creator

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Let's shed a little light on the mastermind behind those western poop jokes half the country is going to laugh at this weekend.


Seth MacFarlane Is The Ron Paul Of Comedy: ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ Review

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Seth MacFarlane is great at having three good ideas for every one REALLY bad one.


The Red Band Trailer For ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ Has Arrived

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While the red band trailer for 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' doesn't reveal anything new, it sure does have a lot of cursing.


Patrick Stewart To Play An Alcoholic In Seth MacFarlane’s Starz Trek

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Patrick Stewart will boldly go where no "Star Trek" captain has gone before: Starz.


This Week In Synergy: A&E Wants Ted To Stop By ‘Wahlburgers’

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The producer of 'Wahlburgers' is hoping that Mark Wahlberg can convince Seth MacFarlane to stop by with a 'Ted' cameo.

#brooklyn nine nine

‘Dads’ Season Finale Takes A Pot Shot At ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ In Legitimately Hilarious Scene

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Seth MacFarlane's Fox sitcom, 'Dads' managed to eke out at least one fantastic scene this season, singing about the virtues of alcohol and at AA meeting.


Watch The Red-Band Trailer For Seth McFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’

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Seth MacFarlane's latest silver screen adventure finally has a trailer! And it looks solid.


See Seth MacFarlane Act! The First Images From ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’

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Seth MacFarlane acts, using his real face, in the first images from 'A Million Ways to Die in the West,' a MacFarlane-directed Western.


Seth MacFarlane Never Expected The ‘Rage’ Caused By Brian’s Death On ‘Family Guy’

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Seth MacFarlane admitted at the Television Critics Association Press Tour that he never expected fans to be outraged over Brian death on 'Family Guy.'


Goddamn You, Seth MacFarlane! You Better Be Trolling Me!

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You guys, I'm all the way into my emotions today and it's not because I'm PMS-ing.


Yet Another Seth MacFarlane Animated Show Is Coming To Fox

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Please Seth MacFarlane's "Bordertown" to the Animation Domination family. Or don't.


Fox Probably Won’t Re-Shoot The ‘Dads’ Pilot, Despite Pressure From Asian-American Groups

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Despite pressure from a prominent Asian American watchdog group, Fox won't re-shoot the controversial "Sexy Asian Schoolgirl" scene in the pilot for "Dads."


Sad Day for Show Tunes: Seth MacFarlane won’t return as Oscars host

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I don't remember much of the Oscars after the first 10 minutes because of my dumb drinking game rule about trying to drink every time Seth MacFarlane sang a show tune, but I gather there was some controversy.


Everyone Should Watch Last Sunday’s Majestic Episode Of ‘American Dad!’

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Please take a few moments of your day to read about, then watch Sunday's "American Dad!" episode, "Lost in Space."


Sarah Silverman to play a Christian prostitute in a Seth MacFarlane Western

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Seth MacFarlane was back in the news again over the weekend, when his Oscar producers came out in support of his "We Saw Your Boobs" song, but that non-story gets all of the snooze emoticons if you ask me.

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