Boston University Is Now Offering A ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Sex Ed Course

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The class’s sign-up sheet probably has the words 'Accio Boners' written on it somewhere.

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This Sex Ed Teacher Couldn’t Demonstrate Proper Condom Use, So He Talked About Socks Instead

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There's a right way and a wrong way to put on a sock and engage in sock activities. Make sure you do it the right way.

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This Week In Posters: Tak3n It 2 The Limit

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Who wants to see Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone in a Trilby, and Channing Tatum's elf ears?


Strippers Remind You To Get Your Flu Shot

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Rachel's Gentlemen's Club in the small town of Castleberry, Florida has a unique way of giving back to the community.

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