Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Has Finally Opened Up About Her Famous Leaked Sex List

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If you just want to save yourself the trouble, none of this is Lindsay Lohan's fault.


Ellen Totally Made Fun Of Lindsay Lohan And Her Dumb Sexual Conquests List

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Did Ellen just totally throw shade at Lindsay Lohan? I think she did!

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James Franco Wants You To Know He Doesn’t Belong On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List

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Lindsay Lohan claims that she's slept with James Franco. James Franco on the other hand, denies sleeping with Lindsay Lohan. WHO YA GOT?


Lindsay Lohan's Sex List Has Revealed Even More Famous Gentlemen She Allegedly Banged

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More names have been revealed on Lindsay Lohan's sex list. Man, that's a lot of names.


Lindsay Lohan Keeps A List Of All The Famous People She's Hooked Up With

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Lindsay Lohan's a bit like Richard Nixon, in that she keeps a list of her conquests.

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