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A Teen Poured Acid On Her Boyfriend’s Penis After Finding Out He Secretly Filmed Them Having Sex

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A 25-year-old South African man no longer has use of his penis after his scorned girlfriend took her revenge over a sex tape.


Which Famous Couple Tops Vivid’s Celebrity Sex Tape Christmas Wish List?

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Say what you want about Vivid Entertainment and the porn company's love of "leaked" celebrity sex tapes, but at least founder Steven Hirsch likes to give famous people a heads up.

Wiz Khalifa

Everything You Need To Know About Wiz Khalifa’s Sex Tape With A Playboy Model

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Wiz Khalifa's post-marriage romp with a Playboy model produced a video that's currently being shopped.

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Vivid Entertainment Has Offered $1 Million For A Mama June & Sugar Bear Sex Tape

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Vivid Entertainment's Steve Hirsch has sent a letter to Mama June offering the former TLC star $1 million to star in a sex tape.

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The AVN Awards Nominees Reveal It Was A Really Lousy Year For Sex Tapes

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Based on the nominees for Best Sex Tape at the 2015 AVN Awards, the art of the celebrity sex tape has come to an end.

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Another Teacher Was Caught Allegedly Having Sex With Her Student (UPDATE: Debunked)

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Another day, another teacher caught doing something stupid with a student.


All The Bad Things That Happened Because Of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

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If Kim Kardashian's sex tape hadn't been "leaked" all those many years ago, the world would be very different.

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Farrah Abraham Has Some Horrible Sex Tape Advice For Her Poor Daughter

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Farrah Abraham assumes her daughter will continue the family business, and make a sex tape.


Ray J Is Giving Kim Kardashian And Kanye West The Best Wedding Gift Of All Time

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Ray J decided he was going to give a gift for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their wedding day. It was amazing.


Farrah Abraham Has Been Cut From ‘Teen Mom’ Because She’s Farrah Abraham

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham is officially cut from the 'Teen Mom' reunion. I wonder what stuff made her seem like a bad influence?


Farrah Abraham Has An 'Erotic Romance' Series Coming Out And Here's The Cover Art For The First Book

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Farrah Abraham is back with "erotic romance" about her fake sex tapes, because Teen Mom is a flat circle.


'Teen Mom' Stars Don't Want 'Teen Mom' Porn Star Farrah Abraham To Be In The Reunion

By | 12 Comments

Some 'Teen Moms' don't want Farrah Abraham joining them in an upcoming 'Teen Mom' reunion. Probably because of that music video. Maybe.


'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has Taken A Vow Of Celibacy Because Of Course She Has

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has taken a vow of celibacy because her Doctor told her to. Or something.

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An Arkansas Middle School Teacher Accidentally Showed A Homemade Sex Tape To A Classroom Full Of Students

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A middle school teacher in Little Rock is in hot water after showing her class a video of her "performing sex acts on her fiancé."


So, About That Threesome Sex Tape Marilyn Monroe Made With The Kennedy Brothers…

By | 7 Comments

You'll have to wait that much longer to see Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Bang."


'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Hit With Legal Letter By Vivid. This Should End Well.

By | 4 Comments

'Teen Mom' and sex tape star Farrah claims she was drugged and raped while promoting her sex tapes. So take that with a boulder of salt.

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Marilyn Monroe's Threesome Sex Tape With The Kennedy Brothers Is Going Up For Sale

By | 15 Comments

The much-rumored Marilyn Monroe sex tape with John and Robert Kennedy is heading to auction.

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